8 Best Evernote Apps for Small Business Users

The 8 Best Evernote Apps for Small Business Users

Since launching in 2008, the task organizational app Evernote has proven to be an invaluable tool for small businesses, helping them organize and access business content with greater ease and efficiency.

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If you use Evernote for various business tasks, such as organizing company notes, scanning and saving bills, receipts and business cards, and managing daily routines with checklists and reminders, amongst others, why not expand your Evernote experience further with the following eight best Evernote apps for small business users.


You can connect your favourite Evernote tools to the Nozbe app to help give your productivity an even greater boost. Connect to the likes of Evernote notes and reminders for even greater speed and power. The Nozbe app works on all modern browsers and also works well on mobile browsers, meaning you can remain ultra-productive whilst you’re on the go.


Don’t waste time and effort leaving your inbox or having to log into a specific piece of software to create notes for your small business. Use FollowUp.cc to create notes, reminders, recurring reminders and tags in Evernote from your inbox. Consequently, you can remain even more productive by using FollowUp.cc to store important information automatically in Evernote.

Feedly Pro

Digesting online content can be an effective way for businesses to remain up-to-date with important news, updates and information emerging in their field. Feedly Pro helps you organize, read and share the content of your favourite websites.

With the Feedly Pro app you can organize your favorite blogs, news sites and YouTube channels and access them all in one convenient place. Feedly also transforms website into beautiful cards, which are easy to read and load quickly. You can also save articles and share them with followers on social media, helping you be seen as a credible informant of relevant news and information in your sector and thereby engaging with followers and helping you to increase the number of followers engaging with your brand.


PlaceMe remembers the places you visit, so you don’t have to. By supporting Evernote integration, the PlaceMe app automatically injects your daily timeline into your Evernote account, making it easier to manage your time more proficiently and search for past visits more efficiently.

You also have the option to broadcast and share your visits using Facebook, Twitter and email, helping you engage with followers of your social media channels.

Evernote For Outlook

Crowded inboxes can prove detrimental to busy small businesses, which may lose or miss vital information. This is when the Evernote for Outlook app can be a godsend, by adding the power of Evernote right into your email composer. With this Evernote addon, you can save emails to Evernote and organize them in relation to different projects. You can also add notes from Evernote to Outlook email and share the notes with others.


If your small business is involved in capturing, recording, and video and image editing, you can use the Capto app to simplify such processes and create impressive designs. With the Capto app you can drag and drop images quickly and efficiently and save them in multiple file formats. The app is also available with one-click sharing options via Evernote, meaning it’s easier than ever to transfer files to desired accounts and locations.

It’s hardly surprising that Capto is described as a “must-have app for every Mac.”

The Capto: Screen Capture & record app costs $29.99 to install from the Mac App Store.


Save time and effort clipping content to your Evernote account from your desktop with the EverClip app. With EverClip you can edit, annotate and organize content and then send it to Evernote, so you’ll never miss anything on mobile again. You can also make clippings from websites, PDFs, documents and more quickly and easily with the EverClip app.

The EverClip app costs $7.99 to download from the App Store.

FastEver Snap

You can send photos to Evernote quickly and more efficiently with the FastEver Snap app. Built on top of Evernote, FastEver Snap creates new picture notes in just two taps! You can choose the choose the default notebook, or the title and tags of create notes to optimize the note creation process when using the camera.

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  1. Evernote is one of my favorite note taking and project management apps. I have been using it for years now. This is a fantastic list of other apps that were built to seamlessly integrate into Evernote. Brilliant post. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I got to admit that I was not a fan of Evernote before. The memory is just too much for my phone back then. But now that I’ve upgraded, I can see it’s power. It is nice to see all of your thoughts in one place.

  3. Evernote is great and the interface is great too. I love it.

  4. I love that there are so many apps you can use with it. It makes the experience better than other document apps.