LogMeIn Has New GoToWebinar Features Ideal for Small Business Users

GoToWebinar Update Has Features Ideal for Small Business Users

LogMeIn has revamped the GoToWebinar platform. There’s a new interface and additional features focusing on small businesses so you can showcase your goods and services under the banner of your personal style to scale.

Small Business Trends talked with Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar, about what these changes can do for smaller enterprises.

He started by talking about the personal side to webinars that can speak to that all-important small business Holy Grail—customer engagement.

“What I think is really powerful about webinars is this is the only way online you can reach a large audience, be yourself and get your personality across,” he said. “It’s a good way to build relationships at scale so your passion comes through.”

LogMeIn, Inc., the next generation of GoToWebinar builds on what’s already good news for the small business owner looking to put that kind of face and personal style on their goods and services.

GoToWebinar Update


This update offers a great opportunity to blend the personal and technological. For example, there’s a new analytics dashboard gauging interest levels based on a few different metrics.

“When you first login,” Waas says, “the first thing that you see on your mobile or desktop is how many people are registered for your event.”  The GoToStage Mobile-first design lets you check these numbers from anywhere. The analytics reports can also be streamlined with a few clicks so you get the data you need straight away.

“Instead of having a full report where you need to click on the details, the information that you want right at that moment is right up front.”

You can even download reports that can tell you a variety of things like what questions were asked, how long did attendees stay, and what were their reactions like to polls and surveys.

Prerecord Events

One of the other interesting features that should catch the small business owners’ eye is the ability to prerecord events and then play them “live” at a later date.

Live Audience

This feature is great if you’re a little nervous about playing to a live audience. It gives you automated setup, reminders for sessions and even automated engagement possibilities for sharing a prerecorded webinar across different time zones.

It’s an excellent feature for a small business that sells exclusively online and even brick and mortars with a healthy web presence. The prerecorded feature can work for you if you’re an app developer or even someone selling ready-to-go packages in verticals like financial.

Training Programs

“It’s also great if you have training programs that you run every week because you can just schedule it,” Waas says.

Speed and efficiency are two of the cornerstones of all small businesses. The ability to get the right information to help you make decisions on the fly is critical. LogMeIn, Inc, has put together a guide that draws from over 300 thousand webinars to keep you on the right path.

You can get more information here.

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