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  1. I find that many businesses do fine “marketing” in person but struggle to translate it to their business processes. Start with just one of these areas, get it improved and then move to another. Incremental improvement over time will deliver long-term results.

  2. Marketing various types of business are challenging. Every type of it needs a custom strategy. It’s cool that you’ve got it covered here. I do agree that a website can only work if properly optimized. It is also essential to support it with a lead nurturing campaign.

  3. Than you for this information which plays a good part when applied.

  4. Great article here! Thank you! I especially loved that you included the customer journey and how we, as business owners, need to provide an experience for our customers. It is so important that we focus on the user experience.

  5. Awesome article! Thanks for putting so much time into this, I liked the section about not neglecting your partners. We recently started a small business in our town and have relied on many other small businesses for referrals or contacts. An important thing that goes along with this is to not forget partnerships with past customers (they also can help get new customers). Thanks A million!