Week Plan App Aims to Stop Small Business Owners from Feeling Overwhelmed

Week Plan App Solves That Overwhelmed Feeling

Week Plan is a weekly planner and task manager being marketed to small business owners who may feel like they have a bit too much on their plate. The app seeks to ratchet down that overwhelmed feeling by steering you to the tasks that matter most, instead of trying to get everything done. The subscription-based software represents one option for small business owners to improve their time management skills.

Small Business Trends spoke with Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli founder of Week Plan to find out how the software works for small businesses. He’s a software engineer who decided to use his skills as an entrepreneur a decade ago. The software is run by his company called Wise Labs.

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“Most software tries to be as flexible as possible to cater for as many use cases as possible,” Gaurat-Apelli says. “Week Plan is actually opiniated and guides you on how you should manage your time.”

A Peek at the Week Plan App

It’s designed to help small business owners manage their time and was inspired by best-selling books like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” There are three main sections that make up the software program. These include:

The Vision Module

This helps you to clarify your goals as a small business owner. The app also synchronizes with Google calendar and Outlook for an easier user experience. It has the ability to work on desktop, tablets and smart phones and there’s even a Chrome Extension.

The Goals Module

This is the meat and potatoes of the software program. The goals module breaks everything down taking your vision and molding it into a strategy and action plan.

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The Planner

This is the part where everything comes together. The Planner links your goals and schedule together and helps you to block time to get what you’ve decided  is important done. 

Gaurat-Apelli says while many different types of small businesses have found the software useful.

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners in general get a lot of value from Week Plan,” he adds.

But one particular type of business seems especially attracted to the app.

“We have found also that a lot of marketing agencies are interested in it,” he explains.

There is at least one caveat. This might not be for you if you’re small business relies more on meetings than tasks to move the ball forward. Calendars can help you to see where there are conflicts much better.

Time Saved

Gaurat-Apelli sums up all the time saved with Week Plan this way:

“Imagine the time you have spent this year on things that didn’t really matter. How would your life look like today if you had taken a more direct route towards your goals?”

There’s a free trial for Week Plan and you can sign up here.

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