What is IT Service Management and Why Does Your Business Need It?

What is IT Service Management and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Your business probably uses a ton of technology to run your daily operations, from laptops and computers to software programs and accessories. But is all of that tech making you more productive or just confusing your team? Managing all of that tech effectively takes a lot of planning and support. If you have a small business without a huge IT team or the resources to hire one, then you might consider investing in IT Service Management.

A lot of business owners associate IT services with IT support, which mainly focuses on fixing problems as they arise. This would basically consist of a service or employee that’s on call whenever you experience a software glitch, security issue or hardware malfunction. But IT service management takes a different approach. So if you’re not familiar with this particular method for managing your information technology, here’s a guide.

What Is IT Service Management?

Essentially, this type of service is there to handle all of your technology related processes. Instead of constantly solving problems once they arise, IT service management takes a systematic approach to managing your IT. So the service provider will develop a framework that ensures the right processes, people and devices are in place for the business to function properly.

Each framework should be customized to the specific needs of the organization. So a service provider would look at your business’s products, services, customers and daily processes before outlining the specific tools and programs that best work for your needs and creating unique systems designed to help you run as efficiently as possible. The idea is to create processes that are both repeatable and scalable, and also to identify common problems or potential issues so you can address them before they really harm your business in a serious way. This could be a cybersecurity vulnerability, a weak point in your software or a program that isn’t able to scale with your business.

Why Does Your Small Business Need IT Service Management?

One of the major benefits of IT service management is that it takes a more proactive view of managing IT. This should lead to fewer tech related issues, allowing your business to run without interruptions, errors or security mishaps. The processes created are also likely to include some kind of automation, which saves your team time and allows them to work on more important processes. Overall, the idea is that your business can be much more productive on a daily basis with the right tech systems in place.

In addition, having a system in place can save you money on IT in the long run. Constantly putting out fires can be costly and take team members away from other essential tasks. And it can also lead to a loss of revenue from dissatisfied customers. So proactively systemizing your processes with tech allows you to avoid some of those losses and costs over time.

Overall, the idea behind IT service management is to help businesses get more done using the proper technology. So if your small business could use a productivity boost and you’re not sure where to start when it comes to software and other tech products, it could very well be worth looking into.

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