Womply Debuts a CRM for Mom and Pop Businesses

Womply CRM Debuts for Mom and Pop Shops

The Womply CRM has been launched as the first customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for American small businesses.

Womply says it designed its CRM to solve the customer-facing challenges of small businesses without the complexities of traditional CRM solutions used by large enterprises.

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According to Womply Founder Toby Scammell, this means working out of the box without wasting time and needing technical expertise. These are critically important factors for mom and pop shops who need to capitalize on the benefits CRM offers, but who don’t have the resources, expertise or time to implement complex solutions.

In an emailed press release to Small Business Trends, Scammell says these small shops can’t use traditional CRM system. He adds, “Small businesses don’t have effective ways to collect customer information, which means they don’t know their customers and can’t keep them engaged after they leave. It’s time for small businesses to get the significant benefits of CRM, which large companies and online businesses have enjoyed for decades.”

Womply CRM

The company says Womply CRM can be used by customer-facing small businesses like restaurants, salons, retailers, auto shops, medical offices, dental offices and more.

Womply CRM Debuts for Mom and Pop Shops

The new CRM platform will collect valuable information about each of your customers so you can get to know them better, create personalized marketing campaigns, and form long-term relationships.

Womply CRM can create and update customer records automatically from its database of 200 million consumers in the United States. Once your customers have been identified properly, the CRM will connect transaction histories to their profiles.

These profiles can then be segmented by who’s new, who’s loyal, who spends the most, and more. You can even send personalized marketing messages to them with special offers and new promotions.

During every level of engagement, the Womply CRM system collects feedback from your customers by text or email. This information is also analyzed to generate additional insights into what customers like or don’t like. This lets you make improvements to the product and services a business provides.

Affordability of CRM

During the early days of CRM, the technology was used by large enterprises. But with the advent of the internet, social media and cheap computing prices, CRM has become affordable for the smallest of businesses.

This has allowed small companies to better understand their customers and provide a more personalized service.

Price and Availability

Womply CRM is available now in select Womply software packages.

The company has three subscription-based tiers for each business location.  The Womply Basic is $49 per month for two users, followed by Womply Boost at $149 per month with unlimited users, and Womply Engage for $299 per month, also with unlimited users.

If you have more than three locations, the company says it can create packages specific to your needs. And the purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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  1. Creating a solution for a specific market (in this case, mom and pop businesses) seem to be more effective. This is because the solution is tailored to this market’s unique needs.

  2. If they can deliver on the promise, this a great price.

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