New Networking Service Called Alliances Manages Your Business Connections Using AI

The Next LinkedIn? Affinity Alliances Uses AI to Build Your Professional Network

There are now more ways to grow your business network than ever, which makes it that much harder to capitalize on each connection. Affinity’s Alliances is a relationship management solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get the most out of your professional network.

Affinity says Alliances will expand your business professional network while identifying the connections which are most likely ready for a warm introduction. The company uses a patent-pending relationship strength algorithm to give users insights into the best candidate for making referrals or introductions.

If you are a small business owner with limited human resources, this is a technology which can optimize the contacts in your network. This is particularly important for owners with eCommerce doing business with suppliers and customers around the world.

In a press release Affinity co-founder Ray Zhou says Alliances can help professionals source, raise capital, and close deals by unlocking the power of business networks.

Zhou explains how the technology makes this possible. He goes on to say, “Unlike traditional networks, Alliances captures not only who your colleagues and peers know, but how well they know them, so you always know who’s in the best position to introduce you to a new contact or organization. With Alliances you can stop cross-checking social networks, your CRM system and other platforms hoping to stumble upon the right person to make an introduction.”

The Technology

Before Alliances was developed, Affinity was using its technology to bring the team within an organization together by leveraging each other’s relationship graph.

Alliances uses machine learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to connect and analyze external contacts such as advisors, partners, investors or mentors. It then taps into their networks and accesses their connections to identify which one of them have the strongest relationships.

Based on the tenor of the conversations in emails, the number of meetings, and other factors it will automatically show the connections with the strongest relationships to targeted prospects. You can then make a well-informed decision to identify opportunities for referrals and introductions.

Features of Affinity Alliances

Affinity analyzes relationship data in your peer-to-peer communications to identify the best possible contact in your network within two degrees. The machine learning and NLP technology is used to identify the strength of these relationships.

The Next LinkedIn? Affinity Alliances Uses AI to Build Your Professional Network

If you have a potential prospect, you can look up every relevant contact so your allies can provide a warm introduction. Alliances has real-time networking data which includes the latest emails correspondence and meetings.

You can also use your allies to find prospects using Affinity’s CRM. The search parameter can find prospects based on industry, job title, location, and other criteria. Alliances will then display the results of relevant prospects which can be connected with your allies in the real-time network.

Alliances is now available for all existing Affinity customers.

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