Best 15 Standing Desks for Your Small Business

best standing desk

Active workstations, which encourage you to move around rather than sit at your desk all day, are linked to improved office health. Standing desks are designed to keep our bodies more active as well as being properly aligned as we work, thereby improving posture.

Best Standing Desks

If you are wanting to introduce standing desks at your office, take a look at the following 15 best standing desks for your business.


What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - ReadyDesk

ReadyDesk comprises of two independently adjustable shelves designed to match your height and give you perfect posture. This easy-to-assemble standing desk boasts a stylish design and has enough space for a dual monitor set up.

Jarvis Electric Standing Desk

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Jarvis Electric Standing Desk

With a sit-stand frame, the Jarvis Electric Standing Desk allows you to go from sitting to standing and everywhere in between. With a digital handset with four pre-set options, you can find your ideal sitting and standing height with this durable and sleekly-designed standing desk.

Humanscale Float Table

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Humanscale Float Table

The Float uses a patented counterbalance mechanism, which encourages an active workspace by allowing you to move effortlessly from sit to stand positions. This pioneering and super stylish standing desk is also available with OfficeIQ, designed to increase sit/stand utilization.

Sojourn Sit to Stand

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Sojourn Sit to Stand

Sojourn Sit to Stand features a curved front edge that is not only chic to look at but keeps your work within easy reach. A powerhouse frame sits conveniently underneath with a programmable height control, enabling you to find your ideal height. The desk also has anti-collision technology that ceases movement if an object is detected as the legs are moving.

Elevate 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Elevate 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

You can move your desktop from sitting to standing at the push of a button with the Elevate 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk. The Elevate holds all your items and puts the desk in the position that you want to work from. This electric desk is powerful and robust, holding up to 68.2kg on robust legs.

Uplift Desk

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Uplift Desk

The Uplift Desk is made using eco-friendly methods and using carbonized bamboo. The Uplift Desk comprises of three stage frames for a greater height adjustment range, which is fast just adjust. The desk’s dual monitor design means the Uplift is quiet to adjust and is more robust than a single motor.

NewHeights Elegante XT

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - NewHeights Elegante XT

NewHeights Elegante XT is an electric height adjustable table that includes GyroSense with Soft Collision Technology – gyro sensors with angular velocity that change orientation and rotational motion. You simply push a button for effortless height adjustment with this innovative and stylish-looking standing desk.

Xdesk Terra 2

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Xdesk Terra 2

The Terra 2 is a power-adjustable standing desk that comes in two elegant designs. The Terra 2 had dual power adjustable columns, with the hardware conveniently hidden inside the columns. The desk has start/stop technology, which adjusts the position in touch of a button.

Safco MUV Stand-Up Adjustable Height Desk

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Safco MUV Stand-Up Adjustable Height Desk

The Safco MUV Stand-Up Adjustable Height Desk is a narrow, adjustable height desk that is a great choice of standing desk for offices sparse on space. The desk’s height can be adjusted from 35” to 49”. The desk has a durable powder coated steel frame, cable management and decorative molded side panels to hide computer cables.

UpDesk Pro

The UpDesk Pro is a commercial-grade electric adjustable standing desk that comprises of a bevelled ergonomic arc on a .75” thick desktop for an ultra-stylish look. The desk’s balanced LINAK dual motor frame gives it extra strength and stability. The UpDesk Pro also had a Smart Desk Controller with automatic drive, four pre-sets and the ability to link with your smartphone.

Ascend Desk by Relax the Back

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Ascend Desk by Relax the Back

The Ascend Desk by Relax the Back is an eco-friendly bamboo desk top with a sleek, modern electric desk base. This ultra-sophisticated standing desk moves at an incredibly fast speed of 1.7” per second without any noise.

Lander Desk with SteadyType

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Lander Desk with SteadyType

The Lander Desk with SteadyType comprises of distinctive technology advancements, including a sleek hand controller which syncs to your smartphone. This standing desk can be assembled within minutes, without having to use any tools.

Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Tabletop Desk

The Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Tabletop Desk is an easy-to-adjust desk designed to provide you with a healthy balance between sitting and standing. With a dual gas spring force, you can go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion. The desk also boasts a spacious work area, with plenty of space for a dual monitor.

Ergo Kangaroo

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - Ergo Kangaroo

Ergo Kangaroo has a separate work surface and monitor that you can adjust to give you dual ergonomics. The work surface can be raised to the exact same location by using the Kangaroo’s ‘stopping bolt’ feature. The desk includes one stabilization leg, which gives the Ergo Kangaroo a unique and contemporary look.

ApexDesk GX Desk Riser

What is the Best Standing Desk for Your Business? - ApexDesk GX Desk Riser

The ApexDesk GX Desk Riser boasts a two-tier design that is large enough for two monitors. The desk is sturdy and stable, even at its highest position. This well-designed desk can be converted from a traditional desk to a standing one in a matter of seconds, meaning you don’t have to waste time going from sitting to standing.

Best Standing Desk Converters

If you don’t want to invest in a full standing desk, standing desk converters are available, offering a semi-permanent solution to standing at a desk that you can utilize with your existing desk.

Some of the best standing desk converters include:

  • Flexispot M2B Standing Desk Converter
  • Ergotron WorkFit-T
  • Varidesk Pro Plus
  • WorkEZ Standing Desk
  • StandStand

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  2. Standing desks seem to be a ‘thing’. I guess more and more people don’t want to get sick from working too much on their desks.

  3. I would really like to thank to for sharing this informative content with us. We all are stuck to a sedentary lifestyle in our jobs or at home. As we all don’t want to get sick by sitting for a long time. So to reduce the effects of sitting, I would suggest you a standing desk at your workstation.

  4. Lovely article Gabrielle. I would love to share my experience here.
    Recently, I decided to invest in a standing desk prior to an operation as I had read it can improve your core strength over sitting. I must say I absolutely love it. The build quality is great, the desk is very sturdy and easy to use. My friend and co-workers recommended Yo-Yo DESK® and trust me after only a couple of weeks, I was standing more than sitting.
    I now prefer standing over sitting at my desk and am standing for more than 6 hours a day. My Yo-Yo DESK® 38-S can glide effortlessly up/down to 30 adjustable heights using a unique Quick-ReleaseTM lock. I believe it is the optimal ergonomic solution for users and has more adjustable heights at lower levels.