The 15 Best Team Management Apps for Small Business Users

The Best Project Management Software for Small Business Users

Some 4.3 million employees now work from home at least half the time. This figure is expected to grow to 50% of the US workforce working remotely by 2020. Cloud-based technology is paving the way for the remote working phenomenon we are fully entrenched in, allowing businesses and their teams to communicate and collaborate like they were located under the same roof.

Best Team Management Apps

If you’re a small business looking for more efficient ways to manage your team remotely, take a look at the following 15 best team management apps for small business users.


Smartsheet is an easy-to-use team management app that comes equipped with a spreadsheet-like interface. With Smartsheet you can share files in real-time and manage projects of any size with gantt charts, automated workflows, Kanban boards, and more. You can access Smartsheet from any device.


With the Trello app, small businesses benefit from being able to create unlimited checklists, boards, attachments and cards. Team members can assign tasks and comment on cards with Trello. Files can be attached to cards and shared quickly and easily.


Redbooth is loaded with great features designed to boost team management, including initiating HD video meetings in just two clicks and arranging tasks in board, list and timeline view to cater for your planning needs. You can also track productivity with the Redbooth app.


You can have video or voice conference calls with ease with the Fuze project management app. Users can invite other guests to join meetings and conferences. You can also get insights into meetings and collaboration to track the performance of you teams.


MeisterTask’s main strengths are its flexible project boards that allow teams to adapt to their workflow. Unlike other project management apps, with MeisterTask you can create and assign unlimited team members.


Asana is a popular team management app that allows you to add up to 15 team members. You can track the performance of your team in real-time with the Asana app. Users can create dashboards and assigns specific tasks to different members.


With the Wrike project management software you have full visibility and control over your tasks. The app has live editing of file management, so you can see your team’s changes in real-time. You can also upload and edit documents without having to save attachments on your computer, making life simpler and more efficient for remote teams.


The Gitter team management app offers a powerful administration panel in which anyone can be an administrator or moderator. With Gitter’s easy sharing tools, you can grow your Gitter community in no time.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is another popular team management app for small businesses. With Zoho Projects, users have the advantage of being able to integrate seamlessly with other Zoho apps and third-party apps, including Zoho Docs, Zoho CRM, Google, Zapier and more.


Binfire is loaded with great collaboration features, including interactive Gantt chart, task management, message board, document management system, an interactive whiteboard and real-time chat. With the Binfire app, you can wave goodbye to calendars, emails and to-do lists.


Zapier is a quality team management app that allows small businesses to automate work and become more productive. A great feature of Zapier is that it moves between your web apps automatically, enabling you and your team to focus on your most important work.


Quire helps remote teams accomplish complex tasks with ease by breaking down project into a number of subtasks. The subtasks are displayed through a distinct, intuitive tree structure comprising of hierarchical lists, for easy identification and assigning.


Slack is one of the most popular team management apps for small business users, with good reason. Slack channels can be organized by project, topic or team. Conversations on Slack are searchable, meaning you can find information when you need it quickly. You can also talk to team members over voice or video calls directly from Slack.


Podio boasts a clean user interface, which has a separate panel for everything, making using the app easy. The app also enables you to add unlimited external users and generate customized visual reports.


Scoro is a comprehensive team management app that helps small businesses manage teams and projects efficiently. One of Scoro’s best features is its centralized page, where users can manage comments, files, invoices, expenses, scheduled meetings, time spent on tasks and billed tasks with ease.

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  1. Hi
    There is no doubt that today’s technology have made our life easier and faster. Cloud-based technology proved to be beneficial for businesses to communicate with their team in an easier way. It allows businesses to share their files, manage projects and much more.

    Here, happy to know about best team management apps for small business. The features of these apps are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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    Praveen Verma

  2. Management by itself is hard. We are lucky that we now have access to these tools that will help us to oversee the business.

  3. There is one more team managemnet app, which is extremely useful. It’s Kanban Tool. My company adopted it last year and our productivity has been sky high since then. For example the app allows us to measure the time of our work and at the same time we can see what other team members are working at. We don’t waste time or duplicate uor tasks.

  4. Interesting read and good to know about the current major team collaboration solutions. I think in future there is going to be more focused approach because to adopt a new tool first challenge everyone faces is to train their staff on their tool and therefore most of the prospects infact closes during trial period. Therefore, focusing on verticals and resolving their critical pain points completely without the need for further customization is the way forward. Later on SME diversify their portfolios with time and learning how to use the tool. In that aspect i find Microsoft introduced OfficeApp and Kazzola launched their KATS breed of products.

    Moreover, in future i think crucial features to look at are (SME workspace); Centralized Search for Chats + Processes + Files/docs, Geofencing & Geotagging in Business Processes, BI Analytics, Machine Learning.

  5. I’ve been working with Asana and I like how they have been developing the product for the last 2 years. One of the best tool for remote management as for me. What is your favorite?

  6. I prefer Asana, Trello, RankRanger very much. In my opinion, they are very efficient and free, so you can save money.