Survey Reveals Top 20 Telecommute Jobs Businesses are Hiring For in 2018

New Survey Ranks the Best Telecommute Jobs in 2018

Freelancers are increasingly making up a larger percentage of the workforce and businesses of all sizes are offering more telecommuting gigs to accommodate them.

The new survey from Virtual Vocations has ranked the top telecommute jobs of 2018 along with the seasonal telecommute jobs through December.

As the freelancer and telecommute job market matures, it is attracting professionals across many different industries. The participation of these professionals is especially beneficial for small businesses looking to hire experts for projects and one-off jobs.

CEO of Virtual Vocations, Laura Spawn, addressed this very point in the press release announcing the results of the survey. Spawn said, “The average telecommute jobseeker is over 40 years of age with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience working remotely, so it’s no surprise that the best jobs of 2018 reflect many diverse, mid-level career specialties.”

The list for 2018 was compiled from Virtual Vocation’s mid-year company data through June 30, 2018. Other data include salary and job growth collected by PayScale and the  Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Top 20 Best Telecommute Jobs

Virtual Vocations identified which telecommute jobs are most prevalent in the most popular job industries after going through the queries of its website members.

The company also said these jobs will experience growth at least until 2026.

  1. Software Developer
  2. Sales Representative
  3. Nurse
  4. Account Manager
  5. Instructional Designer
  6. Consultant
  7. Project Manager
  8. Interpreter
  9. Manager
  10. Customer Service Representative
  11. Teacher
  12. Marketing Manager
  13. Writer
  14. Business Analyst
  15. Fundraiser
  16. Speech-Language Pathologist
  17. Quality Assurance Specialist
  18. Researcher
  19. Recruiter
  20. Finance Manager

Seasonal Hires

More and more seasonal jobs are also being carried out by telecommuters. According to Spawn, this can be a great testing ground for professionals looking to telecommute fulltime.

The company said there will be a boom in seasonal hiring through the end of 2018. Customer service, sales, marketing and travel industries are already filling jobs to get ahead of the holiday shopping surge.

The Growth of Telecommuting and Freelancing

More Americans are working from home, including freelancers. According to a report (PDF) by MBO Partners, around 32% or 40 million of the private workforce are currently working as independent professionals at some level.  Of these, 16.9 million are doing so 15 or more hours per week.

By 2027, the report says 6 in 10 Americans or 58% will be independent or will have worked independently.

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