BidSync App Uses AI to Help Small Businesses Find Government Contracts

The New BidSync App Uses AI to Help Small Business Find Government Contracts

Finding government contracts and successfully bidding on them is a challenge for small businesses. The new BidSync supplier application from Periscope Holdings has been redesigned to deliver the most relevant bid for each business.

The app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) leveraging machine learning technology to give small businesses “winnable government opportunities for each user,” this according to the company. BidSync can now filter out bids which are not relevant to the individual business automatically.

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With so many US local, state and federal government contracts available each year, going through all of them is a job in itself. The BidSync automated system is able to sift through the hundreds of billions of dollars in available bids to give you a better chance.

In the press release Brian Utley, CEO at Periscope Holdings, pointed out the frustration organizations feel when it comes to trying to find relevant opportunities.

Utley said, “Suppliers are tired of wasting time sifting through pages of search results that will never generate a single sale.”

He goes on to explain how BidSync was completely rebuilt to address the issue of relevance, adding “The new BidSync takes the guesswork, and the manual work, out of the bid search process by leveraging machine-learning technology.  The more you use the application, the more it learns about you – continually improving the relevance of bids delivered.”

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The Huge Amount of Money in Government Small Business Contracting

If you are not aware of the amount of money the US government specifically makes available to small businesses, here is a hint, it is huge.

In 2017, 23.88% in federal contract dollars went to small business. This was a whopping $105.7 billion, which is an increase of $5 billion from the previous year.

The federal government also exceeded its service-disabled veteran-owned small business and small disadvantaged business goals in 2017. The table below shows the numbers for the past five years.

The New BidSync App Uses AI to Help Small Business Find Government Contracts

How BidSync Works

BidSync uses it AI-powered Relevance Engine to learn from the way you search, bid and don’t bid on contracts so it can make the most relevant suggestion for your business.

The New BidSync App Uses AI to Help Small Business Find Government Contracts

The application monitors 90,000 agencies offering 100,000 new government bids across the country and lets you know about them as soon as they are released. This ensures you will have enough time to apply for the contract before late notifications get rid of your chances of winning.

As soon as a new relevant bid becomes available, you will get alerts on your PC or mobile device.

The notification includes key bid information, a direct link to the agency announcing the bid, key dates, and links to relevant documents.

The app has also been improved with an advanced search tool so you can find what you are looking for easily. You can filter your search by key attributes such as geography, agency type, and due date.

Price and Availability

BidSync is now available with four tiers designed to address the needs of state, regional and national bids. There is a free option with limited features and a State Pro, Regional Pro and National Pro depending on the level of government you are interested in. Pricing is based on annual billing.

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  1. It is about time that something like this happened. It will make it easier to create a database of suppliers and also for automating forms.