Catalog Provides Small Businesses with Branded Photography Service

Startup Offering Professionally Branded Photos for Small Business at Budget Prices

Place the right image on your site, and it will get the attention of your visitors. Branded professional photos will do that better than stock images, which is what Catalog has managed to do for $20 per photo.

According to the company, the $20 price tag is much lower than the hundreds of dollars creative agencies charge per image. At this price point, small businesses will be able to afford custom, professional quality images to post on their website, blog and social media.

Having branded photos is one way you can differentiate your small online business from the competition. The Catalog platform brings all of the moving pieces together so you can control and manage the creative process to capture the perfect image.

This includes handling the content creators, logistics, and usage rights along with legal and compliance.

In an emailed press release to Small Business Trends, the CEO and Co-Founder of Catalog, Patrick Ip, explained why the company was founded. He said, “We founded Catalog to enable more companies to tell their stories and compete with industry giants, while also supporting the extremely talented people who create the visual content.”

The New Catalog Platform

Catalog says, “The current model for producing custom images that are high quality and on-brand is broken… because the networks used for this are slow, expensive, and have logistical hurdles.”

Using automation, Catalog has made the production of custom visual content more efficient from start to finish, which is why it only charges $20 per photo.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to find creators which meet the needs of a particular brand and the AI then handles the logistics and negotiations. Custom visuals are then produced which are on-brand and accurate to the specifications of the customer.

Once a customer accepts an image, the AI analyzes the content and the customer’s brand guidelines for future images. Working with the creators, Catalog proactively produces visuals customers can pick and choose from a library of custom high-quality content already on-brand.

Startup Offering Professionally Branded Photos for Small Business at Budget Prices

This very approach was used to complete projects for National Geographic, Sony Music, OmniCharge, Pioneer, Patchology, and other customers. The acceptance rate of projects without a reshoot by these customers was 99%.

When it comes to content creators, Catalog says it pays an average of more than 40% to the talent compared to the competition. Additionally, it ensures continuous bookings with 3-6 additional deals per month so they have a stable workflow.

Importance of Branded Photos

Images portray more information quickly. And when you pair a relevant image with your content, your audience will remember more of the information long after they see it.

That is why it is important to create the right image because there is a clear difference between stock images and custom photos created for the products, services, and content on your site.

A custom made image specifically created for you will convey the exact message you want to impart. This will help you engage with your audience, sell your products, get the right attention, and deliver the right look for your brand.

Image: Catalog

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