10 Examples of Cybersecurity Jargon Translated for Small Business Owners (INFOGRAPHIC)

Unscrambling Cybersecurity Terms, Jargon, and Buzzwords (INFOGRAPHIC)

To the average small business owner and employees, the topic of cybersecurity can be challenging to understand, owing to the jargon-laden nature of the field. But, this need not be the case for you.

While the cybersecurity industry is filled with jargon and buzzwords that can hinder understanding for those outside of IT, small business owners and their employees can learn the most important buzzwords used in the field and come to a common understanding of important terms.

Learn Important Cybersecurity Jargon and Buzzwords

According to pioneering New York City-based data security and analytics company Varonis Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNS), it’s important to explain to small business stakeholders different aspects of cybersecurity and how they affect your company without using jargon.

“Cybersecurity touches every part of an organization, and misconceptions around cybersecurity can put your company at risk,” writes Varonis’ Sr. Director of Inbound Marketing Rob Sobers, in a post on the company blog. “As such, it’s vital that you’re able to effectively communicate industry buzzwords to every person in your office.”

Everyone in an organization views cybersecurity through a different lens, depending on what their role in the company is, adds Sobers. If you don’t understand common cybersecurity jargon and buzzwords, how can you expect to address the challenges and opportunities you encounter in the field effectively?

Buzzwords like “Internet of Things” (Iot), “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), and “Denial of Service” (DDOS) attacks will mean nothing to you if you don’t familiarize yourself with them. Yet, these cyber security terms refer to matters that can have a serious impact on your small business.

10 Cybersecurity Terms You Need to Know – Infographic

To help you unscramble cyber security jargon, Varonis Systems created a useful infographic that breaks down how to explain 10 common cybersecurity buzzwords in layman’s terms. Check out the infographic below to learn more about common cyber security terms and why they matter for your business.

Unscrambling Cybersecurity Terms, Jargon, and Buzzwords (INFOGRAPHIC)

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