Spotlight: DOCUdavit Provides Document Management for Retiring Doctors, Lawyers

Spotlight: DOCUdavit Document Management Company Provides Services for Retiring Doctors, Lawyers

When business owners, particularly doctors and lawyers, decide to retire, there are many important tasks to consider. For example, you need to organize and store important documents in a way that’s both secure and compliant. The team at DOCUdavit Solutions noticed a need in this market several years back. So now the company provides a solution that’s specific to these types of professionals. Read about the company and its unique offering in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides document scanning and storage.

VP of Business Development Sid Soil told Small Business Trends, “DOCUdavit Solutions Inc. is a full-service scanning and document storage company. We provide secure and compliant outsourced document imaging, EMR conversion, coding, indexing, document/data management, litigation support and storage solutions.”

Business Niche

Providing empathetic service.

Soil explains, “We are empathetic to our clients’ situation. Many of our clients are retiring lawyers and doctors which can be a difficult period in one’s career. Docudavit goes above and beyond to ensure we provide not only the best products but seamless service making this process easier for them (and in the case of doctors, their patients as well).”

How the Business Got Started

By noticing a specific need.

Soil says, “DOCUdavit was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 2003. We specifically noticed a need for a secure document management service within the legal market and grew from there. Today we offer a range of document services to lawyers, doctors and other professionals across Canada.”

Biggest Win

Securing an important client.

Soil says, “Our biggest win was the being part of the research, scanning and coding project for the Canadian Government (INAC – Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) as part of the settlement of of the Truth and Reconciliation commission which dealt the Indigenous Residential Schools in Canada. It was a very important and historic project that dealt with a dark stain in Canadian history. Since this project we have been able to win numerous other large projects for both Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and government agencies.”

Biggest Risk

Taking on a major project.

Soil adds, “The biggest risk was the INAC project, it could have be incredibly costly if it had gone wrong. In the end, it was well worth the risk.”

Lesson Learned

Invest in technology as early as possible.

Soil says, “The investments that we have made in technology have resulted increased efficiencies, better workflow, improved accuracy and better returns.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving their service.

Soil says, “Some well needed vacation time. Just kidding! More tech, better access for clients, and more online services for our clients.”

Team Tradition

Weight loss challenges.

Soil adds, “Every quarter we hold a company weight loss challenge and the competition is fierce!”

Favorite Quote

“Well begun is half done.” – Aristotle

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Image: Docudavit, Sid Soil

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  1. I guess it is a must. Document management can be such a hassle. If you have someone doing it for you, it gets better.