Master the Art of Excel for Business with these 10 Shortcuts

How Fast Can You Work in Excel? Here are Top 10 Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

Whether you’re aggregating or analyzing data, there are a few basic Excel shortcuts that will save time and help you work faster (check out my advanced Excel tricks here).

Anyone who’s a regular spreadsheet user can always benefit from taking steps to learn Excel through courses, but if you want to level up your Excel game now, start with these shortcuts.

Excel Shortcuts

1. Insert Total Sum

Select the cells you want to add up, then select the cell in which you want the total value to be displayed, and then press Alt + =.

2. Insert Current Time

Press Ctrl + Shift + Colon to enter the current time into a cell. .

3. Insert Current Date

Just like with inserting the current time, inserting the current date is as simple as hitting a hotkey combination on a cell. Press Ctrl + Colon and you’ll have the current date.

4. Select the Entire Column

Select any cell in the desired column and press Ctrl + Space to select that entire column.

5. Select the Entire Row

Select any cell in the desired row and press Shift + Space to select that entire row.

6. Hide a Column

There are times when you want to compare data between two different columns, but there’s another column in the middle that makes it a little difficult to visually compare the two.

You can temporarily hide that middle column by selecting a cell in it and pressing Ctrl + 0.

7. Hide a Row

You can also hide rows by selecting a cell and press Ctrl + 9.

8. Start a New Line in a Cell

You can enter a new line in a cell by hitting Alt + Enter.

Without this Excel shortcut, the only way to add a line within a cell is to separately type your text out (with line breaks) in a separate program like Notepad or Word, and then copy and paste it on the cell — that’s way too tedious.

9. Add Bullet Points Within a Cell

You can also add bullet points within a cell by hitting Alt + 7.

10. Show/Hide Formulas

Want to check what formulas you are using throughout the spreadsheet?

Hit Ctrl + ~ to reveal all of the formulas in the spreadsheet at once.

You can then hide them by hitting the same hotkey combination again.

These Excel shortcuts are guaranteed to help you save time, no matter what you’re working on. Sure, you can click through your spreadsheet and manually input formulas, hide rows, etc. that’s the donkey way — and you? You’re a unicorn. Work smarter, not harder.

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