Findera is a New Free Search Engine for Finding Professionals

Findera Search Engine is a Free Way to Find Professionals

You can now acquire talent from virtually anywhere around the globe. So the launch of the first search engine dedicated to finding professional people called Findera was only a matter of time.

As of this writing, Findera had 133,025,761 professionals to be searched and connected with. The no-frills website is all business with no ads, videos, promotions or unnecessary features.

Findera Search Engine is a Free Way to Find Professionals

Although large enterprises like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Salesforce are using it, it doesn’t mean small businesses can’t take advantage of the free service. The company says anyone can search through the tens of millions of professionals to find the right talent or make connections.

Christophe Daligault, Findera COO and co-founder, highlighted this specific point in the press release. Daligault said, “Findera empowers all business professionals, including recruiters, business owners, consultants, business development and sales professionals, regardless of the size of their company and their budgets.”

He added that as a free search engine, Findera is, “A fresh alternative to time-consuming social networks and costly specialized services.”

The Need for the Findera Search Engine

Findera is a timely service because as Daligault put it, “The fabric of work is changing.” Digital technology has made it possible to find the best and most affordable talent for your budget from a global pool of candidates.

This can be anything from a project based hire to permanent staff; geography is no longer a barrier. The result is a more fluid ecosystem that is decentralized and autonomous. Therefore talent and those looking for talent can establish contact and build relationships.

Findera allows its users to search professionals by name, location, position, department, time in a position, company name, industry, company size, revenue, and other parameters. The search parameter can get more granular as you add more queries.

The people you find or are interested in can be bookmarked or added to lists for easy access in the future. The lists can then be exported as spreadsheets or shared with other people.

Graph Search Technology

The company has developed a graph search technology so users can find the right people based on specific individuals and company characteristics in a single search. This technology is able to learn the relationships between professionals and companies.

The data Findera provides is aggregated from proprietary databases the company has exclusive access to, as well as public sources, user contributions, businesses, and profiles.

Findera is up and running now for free.

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  1. I wonder how this differs from LinkedIn given that linkedIn is the leading brand when it comes to a search or social network for professionals.