The Top 10 Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

online ordering systems for restaurants

Need some convincing that online ordering systems are the wave of the future for restaurants? Consider the fact the trend has been growing and even four years ago 79 percent of Millennials  favored these systems for their accuracy.

Getting onboard with this trend means finding the best systems. Here’s a list to reference so you won’t get left behind.

Top Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants


If you are looking for a variety of payment providers this is the choice that offers 55 to look through. You can use Square or even PayPal Here to name a few. Engage your customers by letting them add or substitute ingredients with Ecwid. There’s a free plan and several options all the way up to Unlimited that goes for $99 per month and covers retail, mobile and online.


These folks will actually take your menu and convert it into what they call an interactive online ordering site. What makes this different is the fact the company will design it to match your brand. They look after all of the tweaking at their end for you and all you need to do to get it going is put an “order online” button on your website. Easy Peasy.

The monthly plan starts at $99 per month per store.


Maybe you’re a small diner or start up looking to cut costs and that’s where this online ordering software might be for you. Comeneat is open source and your customers can order from your website or even a Facebook page.

They have several packages including Developer, Platinum and Deliver Dispatch options.


If you’re looking for POS integration, iMenu360 works. This is one of the heavyweights in the online ordering systems arena, and it’s favored among some of the big-name franchises listed on their website. If you’re looking for a system that shuttles your online orders directly to POS, iMenu360 lists everyone they partner with right on their website.

One caveat—there’s a setup fee of $199USD and a monthly fee with unlimited orders of the same amount. This was started by an industry insider.


These people offer a lot of what the other companies on this list do with a couple notable differences. Clorder has a marketing plan for you that involves search engine optimization. You can worry about putting together a delicious menu and let Clorder worry about getting it out in front of those hungry online clients with these techniques.

They have a mobile app and website capabilities with analytics. The popular $119 monthly plan includes a set up fee of the same amount.


This online ordering system for restaurants touts the fact that it’s customizable for all screens. That’s something you don’t want to overlook in these days of mobile. Even if you don’t have a website, these folks can put everything on one easy template so you can start selling your food right away.

You can contact them for pricing details on their website.

A different take on the theme that we’re dealing with here, this product is about finding who delivers in your neighborhood from which restaurant. There’s a capability to browse thousands of different restaurants and stores and get things delivered through this portal.

They offer a variety of small business services including professional photography for small restaurants and other enterprises.


This is another one that’s advertised as a portal but can double as a tool for small restaurants as well. They boast an inventory where you can order from over 28,000 restaurants. You can request that your smaller diner or even food truck gets added to their website.


We’ll get the price out of the way right off the top because this one is free. You get unlimited orders and zero commissions and all the usual features like mobile and Facebook capabilities. Runs on Android and iOS devices.


You’ll get some of the same and some of what’s different with Upserve. This tool has loyalty programs and the POS system actually gathers information about your online clientele. A great way to sell to your existing customers and find new ones simultaneously. The standard system for one terminal starts at $65 USD.

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  1. This is actually becoming more and more popular. Now, it is normal to hire someone who will buy the food for you.

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