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The Best 20 Project Management Software Packages for Small Businesses

The Best Project Management Software for Small Business Users

Project management software is a type of tool that is designed to make project delivery more efficient. It might allow you to assign tasks, check off to-dos, collaborate with team members or gather feedback from clients.

Project Management Software

There are plenty of project management software options out there, each with a unique set of features and abilities. To find the option that best fits with the needs of your small business, check out this list of some of the top options.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects [1] lets you create visual project plans that include specific tasks and deadlines to help your team understand exactly what they need to do and when. It also provides in-depth insights and collaboration features to help you work seamlessly with all of your employees.


Asana [2] is an all encompassing project management app. Use it to create goals and outline to-dos for each project, track progress on your team’s tasks and even make visual representations of project plans to more effectively stay on track.


A project management and team communication software, Basecamp [3] lets you create a full map of projects that need to be completed, with essential tasks outlined in each. It combines all the tools you normally use to complete tasks — including your email and calendar.


Slack [4] is centered around team communication. Create channels for specific projects so team members can communicate and share resources, along with individual chat threads and even voice calling. It’s also easily searchable and can integrate with a number of other applications.


Another tool that’s focused on collaboration, Trello [5] lets you create boards, lists and cards to represent various projects and tasks. It’s easy to customize the experience, so you can use it to complete sales or organize your marketing campaigns.


A business software for technology providers, ConnectWise [6] allows you to manage and automate various IT services or delivery of tech products. The company also provides a number of other tools that can be used in tandem with its project management software.


Workzone’s [7] project management software gives you the ability to see and track what all of your team members are working on so you can stay on track throughout the year. It also includes simple and secure file sharing, personal to-do lists and automated reminders.

NetSuite OpenAir

A cloud based professional services program, NetSuite OpenAir [8] provides in-depth project planning features, including revenue and cost estimate tools, client communication features and powerful integrations.


Smartsheet [9] is a software tool that allows you to customize the experience fully. Set up projects in grids or in a calendar format to give yourself and your team the best chance of staying on track. You can also use it to measure results from your projects and make more effective decisions about scaling your business.

SAP for Project Management

If you’re planning on launching a new product line or other major project for your business, SAP [10] offers a powerful project planning tool that gives you the ability to predict costs, track progress and optimize time to market.


An online project management software, Wrike [11] offers collaboration and planning features to help you streamline your workflow, encourage team members to share their own creative ideas and access real time status reports and updates for all your current projects.


What started as a simple note-taking app, Evernote [12] has evolved into a more fully featured program that you can use to share ideas with your whole team, track progress on a variety of progress, collaborate on documents and prioritize tasks.


A collaborative project management app, Quire [13] is best for creative teams and other businesses that might need to share rough ideas and workshop them into realistic action steps.


A customer support software and ticketing system, Freshdesk [14] can serve as a project management platform for teams that are there to answer questions or provide comprehensive support directly to customers. It lets you collaborate to resolve issues faster, streamline conversations in one place and automate certain tasks.

Active Collab

A simple project management platform, Active Collab [15] offers to-do list creation and tracking, team chat, time tracking and invoicing functionality.


For marketers, Workamajig [16] provides a fully featured project management system specifically for agencies or in-house marketing or advertising teams.


Another platform for marketing and creative work, Slope [17] combines project management with free flowing collaboration tools to encourage idea sharing and productivity in the same place.


A simple and visual project management tool, Casual [18] is made to help you organize tasks in the way they look in your mind. You can create lists and map out projects into simple workflows so that you can easily see on one page what is required and what your most pressing and essential tasks are.


An operations automation tool, Accelo [19] is a cloud based software that is made specifically for service based businesses. Use it to map out tasks and share them with salespeople, service managers and any other members of your team.


FunctionFox [20] offers project management and timesheet functionality in one. This lets you easily manage employees and their tasks for each project all in a single dashboard. It also includes budget planning, meeting scheduling and project milestones.

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