Small Businesses Using Shutterstock Now Have Access to 40 Million Editorial Images

Shutterstock Editorial Images Now Available to Regular Customers

Small buisnesses using Shutterstock (NYSE: SSTK) for websites or other promotional materials can now license the company’s Editorial Content that spans more than 40 million editorial images.

The global technology company, which offers high-quality assets through its creative platform, has announced Editorial Content on its eCommerce Platform is now available for license.

Shutterstock Editorial Images

Shutterstock’s Editorial Content provides images from around the world, a live feed of curated news, sports and entertainment images, as well as access to its archive of striking images taken over a multi-decade period.

When it comes to marketing, the age-old saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ still bares significance. The challenge small businesses are up against is sourcing unique, relevant and compelling images to enhance digital and printed copy,0 without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional photographer, or risking infringing copyright laws by publishing images with exclusive rights.

Relevant and eye-catching editorial images, to accompany pressing news stories, press releases and other editorial content, can be even more difficult for small businesses to get hold of that adheres with tight marketing budgets.

This is where Shutterstock, with its vast platform of copyright-free images, can prove helpful to many small businesses with small marketing budgets.

Earlier this year, the stock photography giant announced its already huge content library had been extended so it includes editorial images. Shutterstock now has more than 40 million news, sports, entertainment and archival photos for businesses to browse through and download at their leisure.

The Editorial Content platform was previously only available to Enterprise customers with Premier Shutterstock accounts. However, now access to this huge range of quality, timely images, is available to all Shutterstock customers.

Shutterstock’s Founder and CEO, Jon Oringer, shared his excitement of its image stock expansion.

“Shutterstock continues to see growing global demand in its editorial business. Our team alone has covered over 6,500 events last year and we continue to work with world-class partners who help to amplify that number, capturing the events as they are happening,” said Oringer in a press release.

“We are thrilled to expand this offering beyond our enterprise clients to all of Shutterstock’s 1.8 million customers around the world,” Shutterstock’s Founder and CEO added.

Pricing for the Editorial Content platform is deliberately flexible, to help meet the needs of small businesses, many of which might not need a large quantity of high-quality editorial images and only require one or two every now and then to accompany important and timely editorial copy.

You can purchase a single image for $199 or 25 images for $99 per image, or $2479 per pack price. You can use both options in print or digital publications for a single use. All images are covered by Shutterstock’s editorial license, which covers the use of the images in magazines, newspapers, digital publications, non-commercial formats and in educational publications.

Shutterstock’s quality Editorial Content is taken by the company’s team of award-winning photographers. From the Royal Wedding to the World Cup, these photographers are poised to take compelling shots of the biggest global events.

Shutterstock is also partnered with more than 30 leading content providers around the world, including the Associated Press, Variety, the European Pressphoto Agency and the Billy Farrell Agency, amongst others. Being partners with these leading content providers, all their content is available to license immediately on Shutterstock.

By providing a flexible payment solution to the challenge of acquiring quality, timely images of global events, without having to leave your own office, Shutterstock’s Editorial Content, which is now accessible to all its customers, enables smaller businesses to compete with larger organizations with bigger marketing budgets to provide eye-catching editorial images to capture events and news as it happens.

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