6 Non-Profit Organizations You Can Support to Help Women In Business

6 Ways You Can Support Women in Business

Women small business owners in the United States have come a long way, as I wrote in a recent post on Small Business Trends. However, in some underserved communities, there’s still a long way to go for women to achieve economic independence, financial stability or even employment. As a successful entrepreneur, how can you help?

How to Support Women in Business

Here are six nonprofit organizations you can support with your donations or your time. Together, they help girls and women learn job skills, start businesses, get jobs and gain financial know-how so they can take charge of their futures and those of their families.

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This organization helps women in Dallas lift themselves and their families out of poverty by achieving financial well-being. WiNGS’ Women’s Enterprise Program provides free business training for women who want to start a new business or expanding an existing business. Participants develop a business plan, learn how to manage both personal and business finances, and are introduced to a network of peers and professionals who can help them succeed. The organization welcomes donations or volunteers.

Learn more about WiNGS.

Women’s Bean Project

Colorado-based Women’s Bean Project helps chronically unemployed women exit the cycle of poverty. The organization gives unemployed women “transitional jobs” packaging dried beans and other food products (hence the unusual name). The on-the-job-training they receive prepares them to find employment outside the program. Some 93% of program participants are employed one year after leaving the program. You can donate just about anything, volunteer or mentor, or simply support the organization by purchasing their products, which are sold both online and in retail stores.

Learn more about Women’s Bean Project.

Digital Undivided

Remember the digital divide? It still exists, but this Atlanta-based organization is slowly closing it. Digital Undivided’s 9-month BIG Incubator program guides high-potential black and Latinx women through the startup pipeline to launch their own businesses and shatter the myth that black and Latinx women can’t be successful entrepreneurs. Participants learn about customer development, product development and company development to prepare them for success. At the end of the program, participants demo their product/company to an audience of active investors, potential corporate partners and community members.

Learn more about Digital Undivided.

Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It has chapters in 63 cities that provide affordable, judgment-free opportunities for women 18 and up who are interested in learning web and software development. Through in-person classes and community support, women of diverse backgrounds learn how to achieve their technology goals, build confidence and find careers. In addition to donating to Girl Development, you can also teach courses, become a sponsor or even start your own chapter.

Learn more about Girl Develop It.

Black Girls Code

This San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit empowers girls of color aged 7 to 17 to take charge of their futures through exposure to computer science. With the goal to prepare 1 million girls for STEM jobs by 2040, this is an ambitious organization. Girls from underrepresented communities participate in workshops and after-school programs that introduce them to computer coding lessons. Black Girls Code is seeking donations of money and equipment, as well as volunteers and mentors to help in the classrooms.

Learn more about Black Girls Code.

Dress for Success

You’ve probably heard of this global organization, but Dress for Success does much more than provide business suits and work clothes for underprivileged women. Dress for Success works to help women achieve economic independence by providing support, networking and development tools that help them find jobs and plan for careers. The ultimate goal is to give women the confidence they need to escape the cycle of poverty.  Donating workwear or money are the easiest ways to get involved, but you can also become a corporate partner, get involved in events or host a donation drive, among other options.

Learn more about Dress for Success.

If you’ve achieved success as an entrepreneur, why not give back to women who are trying to better their lives? Next week, I’ll share some great organizations you can support that help women overseas.

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