Learn to Track Important Business Costs with Upcoming Webinar

An upcoming webinar will give your small business the edge when it comes to tracking very specific costs.

With the right job costing system in place, you can keep track of the direct and indirect costs of jobs and job costing in your business.

Scott Gregory brings his 30+ years of experience with QuickBooks to a webinar addressing the basics of using jobs and job costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise.

The webinar is going to be held on Nov. 6, 2018, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EST).

Gregory will cover creating job estimates and reports, buying materials for a job/tracking job-related expenses, recording unbilled costs and more.

If you register now by clicking the red button, you can use the Coupon Code “20Off” to save on the webinar.

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Job Costing Basics for QuickBooks Pro/Premier/EnterpriseJob Costing Basics for QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise
November 06, 2018, Online

Trying to figure out the basics of using jobs and job costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise? If so, this webinar is for you! We’ll cover the basic setup, usage, and reporting of jobs in the Pro/Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks. Topics include the difference between customers vs. jobs, adding a job, QuickBooks fields for tracking information unique to the job, creating a job estimate, buying materials for a job / tracking job related expenses and much more.
(Coupon Code: 20Off)

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  1. I guess this is good. In order for you to know how much your business is earning, you need to look at the costs.