What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

They might be nerve-wracking and tensely-awaited but presentations are a vital and often unavoidable part of the business world. Quality, successful presentations can be the key to winning new clients, promoting brand appeal and ultimately growing a business. But how do businesses get crucial presentations right?

Enter Prezi, a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional presentation programs, such as PowerPoint, which focuses predominantly on slides.

What is Prezi?

Rather than using slides, Prezi utilizes a large canvas on which users can zoom in and out to specific parts to emphasize text, visual content and ideas. As well as supporting text and images, the Prezi platform supports the use of video.

For businesses that are new to Prezi, the program provides a collection of templates for users to choose from, so they can navigate the system with ease and get familiarized with the interface.

With Prezi’s drag and drop interface, it is easy to create timelines to show historical references and chronological data. The canvas-based presentation tool makes it easy to create diagrams to show and highlight specific information and data.

Nurturing Collaboration

With co-editing and collaborative features, the Prezi platform supports real-time collaboration, enabling different members of your team to communicate with each other directly from their prezis, regardless of where they are located.

With presentations stored in the cloud, different team members, employees and clients can have access to the presentations and open, edit or link to them from a single, shareable location.

You can even integrate Prezi with Slack to enhance collaboration with the presentations and build a community channel designed to improve business productivity.

Remote Presenting

With more and more small business teams working from remote locations and communicating with colleagues, customers and clients via telecommunication methods, having a presentation platform that enables you to host remote presentations makes shrewd business sense.

With the Prezi tool, you can hold remote presentations seamlessly, which can be presented and viewed in HD without having to use screen sharing software.

Prezi Analytics

One challenge of delivering business presentations is knowing how the performances have been received by their audience, in other words gauging an understanding of how effective a presentation is.

Such challenges can be overcome with Prezi and the tool provides real-time analytics which provide businesses with feedback designed to put organizations in a better position to determine which topics and parts of the presentation resonated with their audience and what needs to be improved on. This feedback can be particularly beneficial to small businesses in helping them fine-tune their presentation delivery.

Which Businesses Is Prezi Right For?

There are of course certain industries and professionals that have a particularly high use of presentations in order to sell their products or services and grow their brand. Such industries and professions include:

  • Sales
  • Training and leadership
  • HR
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Thought leadership
  • Teaching and academics
  • Consulting
  • Executive level
  • Legal

That said, if your small business regularly conducts presentations, then the Prezi platform could prove a pivotal asset in improving the performance and success of your presentations.

PowerPoint may have made presenting easier and more efficient, but company PowerPoint presentations can be all too routine and even mundane.

With Prezi you can inject some color, life and individuality into your presentations and reap the business benefits such informative, successful and collaborative presentations bring to small businesses wanting to nurture growth.

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  1. Definitely a cool tool, but make sure you’re on your own machine to avoid issues. Powerpoint’s ubiquity is one of its main advantages.

  2. I have tried Prezi before and it is great for presentations that have a big picture.