10 Reasons You and Your Team May Prefer Working from Home

Why Work from Home? Here are 10 Reasons.

LogMeIn has released a new survey covering remote office workers in America and globally.  A full 39% of respondents said they would take a pay cut to work remotely and over half (51%) of people 35-44 said they’d like their job less if the option was taken away.

Small Business Trends spoke with Alix Hagan, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Collaboration Products at LogMeIn, about 10 ways life is better when you work from home. She started by saying lives and choices are being influenced by the option.

“Our survey says 24% of workers have had a major life decision — such as starting a family, adopting a pet, or moving cross-country — influenced because of the option to work from home.”

Why Work from Home?

You Can Punch Your Own Clock

Hagan says people can choose the kind of work that suits their schedules when they’re at home. This kind of flexibility makes the option very attractive. Business owners keep costs down this way too.

However, you need to make a dedicated office. Working from the kitchen table won’t be good with all the distractions.

You Can Make More Life Choices

“Decisions around familial obligations, childcare needs, where to live, or basic lifestyle preferences are all contributors to choosing a freelance career,” Hagan says.

You Get Better Work/Life Balance

Hagan also explains how freelancing helps you to achieve that long sought-after balance between work and play.

“Freelancers can choose to work on a more ad-hoc basis than the traditional job, and work as much or as little as needed or desired.”

You Don’t Need to Commute

According to statistics, there are millions of Americans who drive to work everyday.  Freelancers lower their stress levels when they stop commuting.

Company Culture Doesn’t Apply

Working from home means that you don’t need to follow any company office rules. You’ll be more comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand.

You’re More Productive

There’s a past survey from join.me reporting the fact that an overwhelming number of folks produce more when they work from home.  Small business should pay attention — one of the reasons for the spike is thought to be employees are motivated to work harder for businesses that allow them this flexibility.

You Save On Clothes

While this is true you don’t want to get lazy with your wardrobe. Ditch the pyjamas and change into something that gets you motivated to work everyday.  Still, that doesn’t need to be formal.

You Get to Look After What Matters Most

One of the most interesting findings from the LogMeIn survey was the biggest swath of folks working remotely are motivated by looking after family and pets.  Parents can break up their day to bring their children home from school or take them to sporting events.

You’ll be Part of The Future

According to the survey a full 60% of professionals say they would choose a job with the option to work remotely. Only 3% of people responding said they’d never worked remotely at any time.

Hagan explains what this means for workers and small business alike.

“The writing is on the wall and the evidence is very clear — this is a major priority for workers today, and companies need to adapt their policies to cater to this need or risk losing top talent to more flexible cultures.”

You’ll Be Happier

The survey backs this up.

“Some of the things that survey respondents reported being able to do because of remote work include moving to their vacation home full time, pursuing their acting passions, traveling more, going back to school, and saving money, to name a few,” Hagan says.  “The ability to work remotely allows people to better embody the philosophy that we should work to live, not live to work.”

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  1. There are some cons to this though. Aside from the fact that you don’t have a lot of control, it requires a great amount of productivity and focus. It must be trained.