12 Employee Portal Options for Small Businesses

12 Employee Portal Options for Small Businesses

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at employee portal options for small businesses. It’s important you design one that takes the employees’ needs into account. Here’s a few of the options that you can adopt to offer employee self-service to your small business staff.

Employee Portal Options


Noodle boasts a total of 14 integrated apps and can be deployed locally with your small business server or in the cloud. Click on a tab on the website to get a free demo.


If you are searching through all the employee portal options on the Internet, you’ll more than likely heard every marketing ploy possible. However, it would seem that Communifire, a new angle and a way to sell their portal that seems full proof. They state that 99% of their customers are still using the online portal after five years. That certainly makes it worth a second look for your small business.


There’s a few interesting features here that make your life easier if you’re in the HR department. For example, the employee self-onboarding option makes introductions with welcome emails. The applicant tracking system also sets it apart and allows for quick and easy sharing of information. 


Intraboom has a well thought out dashboard that makes it simple to follow all kinds of different group activities for employees. Both internal projects and external communications are available from what they tout as an all-in-one dashboard solution.


Touts itself as an online passageway for employees. They offer a simplified onboarding process that allows new employees access to all the company’s important training documents.

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Intranet Connections

If getting rid of a ton of emails that can be confusing and overwhelming is what you’re looking at doing, your small business might want to try Intranet Connections. They have a variety of different choices that can make two-way communication between employees and teams easier and efficient.

Another attractive feature is the one time licensing fee with no additional costs.


Credentials and reputation are everything when you’re searching through these employee portal options. A lot of the features might be the same, so it’s a good idea to look for the companies that boast about who uses their portal.

This one scores big in both departments since it has its own artificial intelligence engine named Scarlet. Don’t forget to check out the leading brands that use this employee portal that include FedEx and CapitalOne.  Sometimes, when you’re looking for what separates one from the other, checking their client base helps to narrow down your choices.


You’ll get a dedicated expert to guide you through the process with this one. Add pages as you see fit and bounce ideas off your Customer Success Manager who also provides one-on-one training.


Small business owners should give this one a second look because it’s scaled for their size of enterprise. This is a great option if you’re just dipping your toe in these employee portal waters for the first time because it’s free and only takes 30 seconds to set up.

The one drawback might be the fact you’ll be using API, open source code. However, if those type of possible securities concerns don’t scare you off, this is a good deal for beginners.


The website for this option brags about Beekeeper being used in 137 different countries. There are a few interesting options here including the ability to link to HR systems and get information that would otherwise be siloed.

The peer to peer group messaging feature allows for information to be shared in real time. You can get free demo for your small business here.


One of things that works against this addition to our list is the fact that you need to supply some contact information to get a full feature list. Still there’s some solid bullet points on the website that would indicate a well thought out employee portal.

For example, Happeo works together with G Suite and that will make any transition to your existing data bases seamless.


Last but not least, we have the winner for the coolest name when it comes to employee portal software. Origami has a lot of great features so it’s not likely to fold up on you including a flexible news and company events carousel.

The Document Management option even has the ability to search with images.

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