Could Your Small Business Use an Autonomous, Wireless Underwater Drone?

Check This Out! The First Autonomous and Wireless iBubble Underwater Drone

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the use of drones for deliveries and other uses. Now, the first autonomous underwater drone has launched, opening a whole new world of possibilities.

Yep, that’s right! French start-up Notilo Plus recently announced the commercial launch of what it says is the world’s first fully wireless, autonomous and intelligent underwater drone named, iBubble.

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“This novel remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was designed using Notilo Plus’ patented underwater localization technology, enabling subaquatic adventures without tethers,” said the French company in a statement. “It comes with an advanced AI system, offering total autonomy and self-learning capabilities.”

First Autonomous Underwater Drone, iBubble, Lunches

It might not be immediately obvious how underwater drones can be useful for small businesses, but some possibilities for small business uses include:

  • Underwater photography and filming,
  • Diving instruction,
  • Wildlife protection,
  • Search and rescue operations,
  • Naval or underwater infrastructure maintenance, and
  • Subsea patrolling.

Apparently, iBubble comes equipped with a state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance system, which allows it to smoothly follow a diver, while obtaining high quality images for personal or commercial use.

“It features real-time image recognition, a unique stabilization system as well as direct surface control, bringing outstanding performance to underwater imaging,” says Notilo Plus, an expert in intelligent underwater exploration.

Ready to Shoot Exceptional Underwater Images?

If you are an independent photographer or your business requires use of exceptional and unique photos, the autonomous underwater drone could be something to explore. It enables anyone to obtain underwater images of unparalleled quality, according to Notilo Plus.

Resorts, shipping markets and educational institutions might also find use for the submarine drone.

“iBubble can accompany divers for up to an hour and up to 197 feet depth, acting as their personal cameraman, enabling superior underwater imaging,” the Marseille-based company that specializes in developing intelligent, autonomous underwater systems notes.

Autonomous iBubble Underwater Drone Safe for the Environment

iBubble is reportedly also environmentally-conscious. It does not disturb the marine ecosystem thanks to its minimal noise emission levels and special obstacle avoidance capability, according to Notilo Plus.

“With the countless cutting edge technologies brought by the iBubble, coupled with its ability to bring exceptional pictures and video footage, this is a remarkable and versatile device for any diving activity,” Notilo Plus CEO, Nicolas Gambini, adds.

The first batches of iBubble drones will be delivered to the first customers from mid-November 2018. The autonomous underwater drone will retail at $4,099 on the company’s website.

Image: iBubble

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