Best Marketing Articles For Small Business

Best Marketing Articles For Small Business

Small businesses spend 20 hours per week on marketing, on average, according to a survey by Constant Contact. So what should your small business be focusing on during those 20 hours? This list of our best marketing articles gives you an overview.

Top Marketing Articles in the Following Categories

Social Media Marketing Articles

Today, more than 75% of small businesses use social media to promote their businesses online. As you try to decide how to best use social media for marketing your business, here are 6 of our best social media marketing articles.

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  • Real Life Social Marketing Examples
  • 71% of Consumers Watch Videos on Social Media to Laugh
  • Social Marketing Tools that Build your Reach and Credibility

Today, sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter command major audiences. In fact, 86% of businesses in a recent survey listed social media as the top advertising channel. See why in this list of our top social media marketing articles:

  • 5 Secret Truths of Social Media Marketing You Must Know
  • 10 Tips for Taking Your Social Media Marketing  to the Next Level

Marketing Articles

Content Marketing Articles

In a recent survey, 73% of customers said they’ve made purchases as a direct result of viewing marketing content. The results seem to send a clear message about the importance of content marketing — to ANY small business! To get you started, we’ve collected some of our best content marketing articles so you can learn more:

  • What Is Content Marketing?
  • How to Become Better at Content Marketing — in 4 Easy Steps
  • Content Marketing Statistics Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Amazingly, despite the obvious impact of content marketing, stats tell us only 53% of small businesses use it. We’ve collecting more of our best content marketing articles to show you how you can — and why you should:

  • The Fundamental Reason Why Content Marketing Works
  • 7 Challenges to Your Content Marketing — and How to Meet Them

Influencer Marketing Articles

How important is influencer marketing to your small business? VERY important, the numbers tell us. For example, advertisers spend over $1 billion dollars in influencer marketing on Instagram alone, Mediakix reports. Here are some of our top marketing articles on influencer marketing for your small business.

  • 4 Influencer Marketing Tools You Need to Manage Campaigns

Influencer marketing also increases sales. For example, data compiled by graduate education community, 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal ones. We’ve collected a few more influencer marketing articles to teach you more:

  • B2B Influencer Marketing: Trends, Goals and Budgets to Set
  • 11 Ways Influencer Marketers Benefit from AI
  • How Are Influence Marketers Changing the Hotel Industry

Marketing Articles

Local Marketing Articles

An estimated 85% of small businesses depend upon word-of-mouth referrals — imagine that, 85%!  And word-of-mouth is heavily relied on by local businesses, i.e., businesses that get most of their customers within a 50-mile radius. Here are 6 of our best local marketing articles for you to consider with your business:

  • Apply These 20 Local Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Small Business Revenue
  • Master the Art of Local Marketing with these 12 Tips
  • 10 Amazing Local Marketing Hacks From This Popular Community Burger Joint

Mobile technology is very important when it comes to local marketing, though 73 percent of local retailers struggle to keep up with mobile marketing trends. We’ve collected a few more local marketing articles to help with this and more: Technology is also highly important in local marketing these days. In the next few marketing articles we look at the use of the marketing cloud and mobile technology to bring in customers.

  • 10 Tips for Local Marketing on Mobile
  • 10 Amazing Local Marketing Hacks From This Popular Community Burger Joint

Key Marketing Resources

Don’t miss these key resources to assist in your marketing:

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