Online Quickbooks Event Will Help you Use Software to Better Manage Inventory

Your small business inventory is a very important asset. You can even get a loan for the inventory if you have to get out of temporary financial binds.

So, shouldn’t you do all you can to learn about managing your inventory the best way possible?

Scott Gregory brings 30+ years in accounting inventory and more than 17 years with QuickBooks software to a session aimed at trying to make small business owners better at both.

Book a ticket to attend the webinar Gregory will be hosting on Thursday, December 13, 2018, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) and you will learn basic understanding of how to use inventory correctly in QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise.

Gregory says the webinar will give you the confidence you need to use QuickBooks and many of the options which are available to you within this software.

He adds you will develop a much better understanding of proper and correct ways to deal with your inventory.

You can attend the webinar by clicking the register button. Enter discount code 20Off while you are there and get 20% off on all tickets.

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Basics of Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/EnterpriseBasics of Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise
December 13, 2018, Online

This event features a live demonstration of the QuickBooks item list, inventory items, non-inventory items, and much more relating to inventory. Learn how the inventory flow works from purchase order to customer shipment. Register today and follow @qbguy!

Discount Code
20Off (20% off on all tickets)

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