Oracle NetSuite Debuts New Enhancements to Help Businesses Grow

Announcing New Oracle NetSuite Innovations and Enhancements for Businesses

Oracle Corp. (NYSE:ORCL) recently announced a series of new enhancements to its cloud computing platform NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N). The new enhancements are designed to help businesses across industries grow revenues, expand internationally and empower business users, the company says.

Oracle NetSuite, which provides software services to help manage business finances, operations and customer relations, will now provide new commerce, global tax management and analytics capabilities to help organizations adapt to change and successfully grow and scale.

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“The new commerce, financial management and analytics capabilities help organizations take advantage of the NetSuite platform to exceed customer expectations, enable international expansion and respond quickly to vital business needs,” writes the multinational computer technology corporation in a release.

Oracle NetSuite Innovations and Enhancements for Businesses

If your small business is looking to compete effectively and scale, the latest innovations from Oracle NetSuite can help you adapt to rapid technological changes and effectively meet customer expectations.

Among the commerce innovations and enhancements introduced to the NetSuite platform are: new customer engagement, SEO and marketing optimization capabilities as well as a series of visual and interactive extensions that help marketers deliver a personalized and continuous shopping experience.

Moreover, Oracle NetSuite has added other innovations within its SuiteCommerce, including:

  • New themes to support B2B and B2C ecommerce sites for specific industries: Themes are optimized for performance, engagement and conversion and are fully responsive to provide a consistent experience no matter how shoppers browse the store.
  • New extensions: Allow customers to quickly and easily expand their stores with new capabilities such as blogs, gift wrap and message feature, size chart and testimonials.
  • General availability of merchandise hierarchy: Allows retailers to organize and display merchandise and provides a reporting structure of how sales and inventory of product are tracked and managed. This enables merchants to gain deeper insights into category sales and improve inventory planning.
  • Google tag manager editor: SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced sites can use SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor to connect their SuiteCommerce site to Google Tag Manager and to help manage third-party tags, like Google Ads and Facebook Pixel, without having to edit site source code.
  • Advanced email templates: Ready to use email templates can be branded for ecommerce emails, such as order notifications, digital delivery notifications and other notifications including password recovery.
  • New SuiteSuccess edition of SuiteCommerce: Enables rapid adoption and return on investment by removing the complexities and costs that surround successful commerce implementations.

Oracle NetSuite Global Tax Management Solutions

Within Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteTax, small businesses will now be able to simplify global tax calculations through support for nearly any tax rule, anywhere in the world.

Oracle says customers can use SuiteTax to calculate sales taxes in 140 different countries, including complex tax regimes such as China, India and Brazil.

According to the Redwood Shores, California-based multinational tech corporation, which acquired NetSuite in 2016 for $9.3 billion, tax rates can be automatically updated with SuiteTax and users will be able to leverage out-of-the box reporting capabilities to quickly and easily drill down into every tax component so they know exactly how tax on each transaction was calculated.

Oracle NetSuite’s New Analytics Capabilities

And finally, Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics embeds powerful analytics within existing business processes and provides an intuitive graphical toolset that makes it easy to explore and visualize data in real-time. This can help end-users quickly and easily get the answers they need to be successful, says Oracle.

“We work with thousands of organizations from different industries to help them stay focused on successfully growing and scaling their business amidst all of the change,” notes Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development, Oracle NetSuite. “This gives us a unique understanding of businesses across all sectors and we use those insights to continually enhance the NetSuite platform.”

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  1. I guess it’s main market are businesses to begin with. These enhancements will give their market more reasons to choose them.

    • Of course, Netsuite targets mid-market companies mostly in the US. These enhancements aim to expand, to become more international.

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