Top Stories: Etsy Businesses Contribute $4.7B, 31% of Entrepreneurs Concerned about Healthcare

Top Stories: Etsy Businesses Contribute $4.7B, 31% of Entrepreneurs Concerned about Healthcare

According to a recent report on handmade commerce, Etsy sellers are contributing $4.7 billion to the American economy right now.

The report, on the surface, shows two positive signs. First, consumer spending is presumably strong. Second, there’s a thirst for quality handmade goods, which are most often made by small business entrepreneurs. This is only one of several stories important to small business retailers and others this week.

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To see what other stories are making headlines with small business owners and other entrepreneurs, check out our full news roundup below.

Retail Trends

8 Big Predictions for the 2018 Holiday SHIPPING Season

Americans are set to spend big this holiday season. In fact, numbers from Adobe Analytics report the online spend alone will reach $124.1 billion to overshadow brick and mortar sales. What’s more, Deloitte reports that people will spend $525 on gifts representing a bump of 20% from $430 in 2017. 2018 Holiday Shipping Season Small Business Trends talked with Georgianna W.


Zoho Adds AI and Analytics for Small Business with CRM Plus

Zoho has recently released the latest addition to its customer experience CRM platform offering the one-two punch of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Zoho CRM Plus lets small businesses without big IT budgets compete with the bigger players by letting different departments like customer support, marketing, sales and operations work together.


31% of Businesses List Healthcare as Top Issue for New Congress

A new poll sees healthcare as the top issue for small businesses as the new Congress takes shape after the midterm elections. The numbers come from a recent poll conducted by The Small Business Roundtable, a small business and entrepreneur organization dedicated to the advancement of this critical aspect of the American economy.

Small Business Deals


Hiring 3.8% Higher than October 2017 but Leveling, LinkedIn Reports

The monthly LinkedIn Workforce Report for October 2018 revealed gross hiring in the US was up 3.8%, higher than for the same period the previous year. With seasonally adjusted national hiring down only 0.3% from September to October 2018, the job market is still very strong.


Switching  to an Open Office May Make 1 in 8 of your Employees Consider Quitting, Survey Says

Believe it or not, the open office concept was being used before the cubicle in the early 20th century. What we’ve learned since that time is there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office space, which is what a survey commissioned by ROOM reveals.

Social Media

Pew Research Provides Important Data for Small Businesses about Marketing on YouTube

Data from a new Pew Research Center survey reveals YouTube has become a valuable resource for Americans. The research contains some valuable insights for small businesses now using the platform as a marketing channel. Users are turning to YouTube for how to videos, product information, children’s content and even news.

New Looping Video App Planned from the Creator of Vine, Could Your Business Benefit?

For the millions of fans who regularly watched and loved its quirky videos, the sudden shut down of the Vine app in October 2016 came as a bitter blow. If you happen to be one of those fans or one of the creators who made those videos, there is good news because the co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, is bringing the app back with a new name: byte.


1  in 7 Americans Think They Are Sitting on a Game Changing Business Idea, Survey Says

How confident are American entrepreneurs about their business idea? A Northwestern Mutual survey carried out by OnePoll reveals one in seven think their idea is so strong it could change the world and have a dramatic impact in the chosen industry. This level of confidence is commendable and even necessary in order to persevere and make your dreams come true.

Technology Trends

PayPal Acquires Hyperwallet with Focus on Ecommerce Businesses

PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) recently completed the acquisition of Vancouver-based global payout platform Hyperwallet Systems for approximately $400 million USD.

Companies Adopt Ride Sharing – But Not Room Sharing – in Business Travel Policies

Services provided by the sharing economy have increased adoption rates for shared transportation during business trips. But according to a new survey from Chrome River, the adoption rate for shared accommodation hasn’t reached the same levels. Instead of using Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, business travelers are still opting to stay in hotels for their accommodations.

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