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10 Unique Business Ideas from Around the World

Unique Business Ideas

Some of the best businesses are the most unique ones, ventures that fill a void and offer something that’s completely distinct and unparalleled. Around the world innovative individuals and groups are embarking on business ventures that stand out for their individuality and uniqueness.

Unique Business Ideas from Around the World

If you’re looking for some business inspiration, take a look at the following 10 unique business ideas from around the world.

Rent-a-Cow Makes the Most of Livestock

Forget renting dogs or handbags for that matter, as farmers and individuals with livestock have the opportunity to rent their stock out with Rent-a-Cow. Canada-based business Rent-a-Cow provides a cow renting service, allowing people to rent cows and enjoy their milk for 3 days, a week or a month.

Reboot Manages E-Waste in Rural India

Reboot manages e-waste and channelizes resources to bring development to rural parts of India and bridge the nation’s digital divide.

This innovative startup purchases IT goods, such as laptops, desktops and cell phones from organizations. The company restores the e-waste and provides refurbished prooducts to schools, small businesses, NGOs and government enterprises in rural Indian communities.

Eternal Reefs Creates a Lasting Legacy for Departed Loved Ones

This unique business idea involves creating memorial reefs out of a loved one’s cremated remains. The reef is then placed in a permitted ocean location to become part of an existing or new reef, crafting an eternal legacy. This unique startup, known as Eternal Reefs, is based in Decatur, Georgia.

1928 Diagnostics Revolutionizes Healthcare Around the World

This Swedish biotech firm is revolutionizing healthcare around the world through a platform designed to improve diagnosis of infectious diseases.

1928 Diagnostics employs a team of software developers, bioinformaticians, microbiologists and molecular biologists, who collectively optimize the use of the powerful Whole Genome Sequencing technology to improve infectious diagnostics across the globe.

Mad in India Offers a Different Approach to Ecommerce

Mad in India is an ecommerce site with a difference. The brand capitalizes on the unique culture, lifestyle and identity of India, selling products that celebrate the unique diversity and mythical identity of this enthralling country.

Unlike other more conventional online retailers, Mad in India brings vivid storytelling to its store, focused on the unique culture and history of India, through its classy range of Indian lifestyle products.

Pazesha Brings Financial Empowerment to Africa

Pazesha is an innovative and inspiring startup in Africa, which aims to be the first Africa-focused digital Financial Marketplace. Pazesha aims to connect lenders with low-income but high-quality borrowers. By providing borrowers excluded by the traditional financial system with vital credit, Pazesha is helping drive business forward in Africa.

Pazesha, which means Financial Empowerment, is led by a passionate local team of fin-tech experts.

Youper Offers an App to Overcome Social Anxiety

Founded in the increasingly entrepreneurial nation of Brazil, Youper is the first mobile app focused on overcoming social anxiety. The founders combine behavioral analytics with psychological approaches to provide an interactive platform that helps empower individuals to overcome social anxiety and other emotional issues.

Mannequin Madness Provides Rental, Recycling – And Related Products

If you thought there wouldn’t be money in renting mannequins then think again!

California-based Mannequin Madness has found a lucrative niche, selling and renting mannequins to businesses and retailers. The company has even won an award from the Environmental Protection Agency for its positive environmental impact by recycling mannequins.

But that’s not all! Mannequin Madness even sells mannequin-themed products such as Mannequin Leg Lamps!

Speedlancer Connects Freelancers With Jobs At Lightning Speed

Recognizing the growing demand for freelancers in various niches who can turn around projects quickly, Speedlancer provides on-demand freelancers who can deliver tasks in as little as 24 hours.

This innovative business was founded in Victoria, Australia as a means of connecting freelancers with organizations that require their services without delay.

21 Buttons Changes the Way People Buy Fashion

For the fashionistas out there, you’ll simply adore this innovative venture that brings fashion influencers to a social network. On the 21 Buttons network, influencers within the world of fashion can share their wardrobe with fans anywhere and fans can find their favorite influencer’s clothing in the click of a button.

21 Buttons is based in Barcelona, Spain and is hailed as changing the way people are inspired and buy fashion.

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Image: Eternal Reefs

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