10 Lessons to Help You Avoid Common Business Mistakes

10 Lessons to Help You Avoid Common Business Mistakes

There’s no way to completely avoid mistakes when running a business. But there are ways to avoid common mistakes. If you pay attention and learn from others who have been in similar situations before, you can potentially learn from their mistakes without making them yourself. Members of the online small business community have made plenty of business mistakes through the years. Here are some of the lessons you can gain from them.

Don’t Sink Your Business with Risky Review Schemes

Online reviews can really make an impact on your ability to reach customers. But some of the quick fixes or schemes out there promising to improve reviews overnight may do more harm to your business than good. Learn why in this Bright Local post by Jason Brown.

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Learn How Brand Politics Impacts Consumer Behavior

Your brand’s position on political and social issues can make a major impact on customers’ opinions of you. But there isn’t just one right answer for every business when it comes to navigating these issues. Greg Sterling explores the issue further in this Marketing Land post.

Make More Time for Work That Matters

Small business owners often try to do everything themselves. This can be essential for new solopreneurs, but it’s not usually conducive to productivity and growth. Learn how automation can help you make more time in your schedule for important work in this Process Street post by Adam Henshall.

Don’t Jump into Machine Learning Before You’re Ready

Machine learning is becoming a popular talking point for businesses. But it’s still a relatively new concept. And not all businesses are necessarily ready to adopt it. See more discussion and insights surrounding this topic in this Target Marketing post by Thorin McGee.

Maximize the Level of Your Business Contacts

Too many business owners make contacts but then never really make the most of those connections. If you want to really benefit your business through networking, check out the tips in this Startup Professionals Musings post by Martin Zwilling. Then see what BizSugar members have to say about the post here.

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Fix Your Site’s Orphan Pages

If your website has orphan pages, which are those that don’t have any links going to them, they can be hard for search engines to find. This can make it near impossible for potential customers to find them. To fix this issue, check out this Search Engine Journal post by Manish Dudharejia.

Avoid Mistakes When Registering a Home Business

Many business owners choose to save money by using their home address to incorporate. However, there may be some issues that come with this decision. For more on this subject, see what Nellie Akalp of CorpNet has to say in this recent post.

Don’t Immediately Discount Clickbait

Clickbait gets a bad reputation, and for good reason — sometimes. But the general idea of creating a headline that gets people to click and read more is a good one. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Ann Gynn discusses the good and the bad of clickbait, and what it means for businesses.

Watch These Social Media Trends in 2019

Social media is constantly changing. So if you’re not constantly adapting, you could fall behind. In this Strella Social Media Post, Rachel Strella offers some of the upcoming trends that marketers should be aware of. And BizSugar members shared thoughts on the post here.

Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook marketing strategy can’t have any impact if you don’t get people to actually view your posts and page. In this Social Media Examiner post, Inna Yatsyna goes over some of the tactics you can use to improve visibility for your business’s Facebook page.

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