Advice From an Expert about How to Start a Glamping Business

She Has Got the Secret to a Glamping Business and She's Giving It Away

Around the world the trend of Glamping has been rising in popularity and prestige. As people increasingly ditch the hotels and hostels for an authentic Glampsite where they can enjoy being at one with nature but sleep in luxury camping conditions, more and more savvy entrepreneurs are jumping on the trend and opening their own Glamping sites.

One such individual is Di Wood who set up Wild Harvest 14 years ago, which offers TimberTipi living, courses and activities in the great outdoors. Such is the success of Wood’s outdoor living business, the entrepreneur has written a book about setting up a successful Glamping business.

To shed some light on her book, ‘How To Set Up A Successful Glamping Business and Get Fully Booked Using Our Unique, Low-Risk, Proven Formula,’ and how to successfully start and run a Glamping business, Small Business Trends interviewed Wood at length.

When asked what makes glamping such a successful business, Wood replied:

“Glamping has become a worldwide phenomenon with Glampsites setting up in Turkey, California, Morocco, Columbia and Ireland!  People everywhere are wanting to escape to nature and connect with themselves, their families and the environment.  With consciousness peaked about eco travel glamping offers people the chance to travel lightly and also gives an easily accessible break without airport waits and long transfers. It’s also a fun business to run!”

The successful Glamping business owner and author revealed why she is divulging the secrets of Glamping success in her book.

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“Because I have too many customers — the formula I have developed over the 14 years has seen me fully booked and the next logical step is to either sell my formula to others ideally with the idea they will add our Wild Harvest Activities packages to their offering or even become a Wild Harvest Branded Glampsite,” said Wood.

Small Business Trends also asked Wood what you need to run your own successful Glamping business, to which she replied:

“Time — enough to run a part time job (so you can keep an existing job and set up a glamping site around that until you are established), a small amount of capital upfront (if you read our book we teach you how to set up with little financial outlay), energy and self-discipline – you can’t not turn up to work when you are self-employed and have guests due in.  It is possible to run it yourself to start with, so no staff needs up front.”

Can anyone make it in the world of Glamping?

Woods certainly thinks they can, saying:

“I was a single mum of three and started offering camping around Wild Harvests Courses and Activities, then I bought a couple of pop up tipis — which one woman can put up on her own – so YES absolutely!

“There is a series of FREE printables from the book for people who sign up to one of these is to help you see what assets and skills you already have and what you will need to work on.

“There is never a day I wake up and think ‘Ugh – work!” Wood concluded.

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  1. It is interesting to know how the times have changed. Creativity can carve a new niche for anything. And as long as there’s a market, you’ll be just fine.