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4 Great Resources to Simplify Hiring

4 Great Resources to Simplify Hiring

Hiring new employees can be a pain. Especially when you’re a small business. Luckily, there are hundreds of tools available to help make your life a bit easier. The days of paper applications and mountains of resumes are over. The next time you look to hire anyone, here are 4 ways to make it easier.

1. Upwork

Before you jump into hiring someone fulltime, have you considered a freelancer? I have used Upwork time and time again to hire some fantastic freelancers who have helped me grow my business. The best thing about hiring freelancers is the ease of it. In some cases, you can post a job description and have applications, interviews and an offer the same day. When hiring freelance employees through Upwork, the platform handles payment, all you need to do is connect your account to a business credit card, PayPal account, or bank account. Additionally, you do not need to worry about benefits, tricky tax documents and more. If your need is part-time, or less than fulltime, freelancers may be the best option. [1]

2. Facebook Jobs

You may know a handful of people who don’t have Facebook. But, chances are the majority of your friends, family and colleagues have the social media platform. Facebook is well aware of this fact and has used it to its advantage. Recently, Facebook launched their Jobs Platform [2] in order to help small businesses hire employees–for free. This tool allows businesses to share jobs on company pages and in groups. If you’re going to publicize a job posting, why not on Facebook?

3. HRdirect Smart Apps

HRdirect knows hiring. For over 30 years, HRdirect has partnered with companies of all sizes to make hiring and maintaining employees easier.  So, who better to help you hire a new employee?

HRdirect has Smart Apps [3] for hiring, job posting, and even keeping employee records. In our current hiring climate, employers need to be extra careful they are hiring employees legally. When it comes to hiring regulations and laws, HRdirect have in-house attorneys to make sure your job applications and paperwork are 100% compliant. Once you hire someone, you can also track all of your legal paperwork, taking away some of the typical hiring stress every small business owner is used to. Another benefit? It’s affordable making it perfect for any small business budget. Not big into technology? Fear not, the apps are very easy to use, truly living up to their ‘Smart’ name.

4. LinkedIn

Normally, when you think jobs and careers, you think about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform, allowing professionals to connect, network and even look for new positions. If you are willing to make a small investment, LinkedIn is a great place to search for new employees. You can either do it proactively, with an inMail campaign reaching out to prospective employees or with a job posting. I have many colleagues who have found great people through LinkedIn.

The old methods of hiring are long gone. Thanks for technology and some great new advances, hiring is now easier than ever. If you’re in need of new employees– look no further than your internet browser and your laptop.

Image: HRdirect