15 Places You Can Find Transcription Services Online

15 Places You Can Find Transcription Services Online

Transcription services online can be useful for a lot of different types of small businesses. They’re especially popular in the medical industry, but they can also be beneficial for law firms, tutors or educational businesses, market researchers and public speakers.

Even if your business doesn’t fit into one of those industries, you may benefit from a transcription service to copy down verbiage from videos or podcasts you use to market your business.

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If you’re thinking about using a transcription service for any of these purposes, check out the list below. If you’re a medical business looking for services specific to that industry, check out the bottom of the post for more resources.

Where to Find Transcription Services Online


Scribie says that it offers the lowest transcription rates in the industry, per audio minute. You can choose from an automated transcript, manual transcribing options or more expensive rush options.


Rev offers transcription for audio files done by professionals, not software. The company boasts a 99 percent accuracy rate and can turn projects around in as little as 12 hours.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription also uses real, human translators based in the U.S. They promise a 24-hour turnaround time and they keep your data completely private, which can be especially important for businesses that work with private or sensitive information.

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GoTranscript can turn certain projects around even faster, some in as little as six hours. So this can be a beneficial solution for businesses that need transcripts in a major hurry. This service also offers 99 percent accuracy and has nearly a 99 percent satisfaction rate.


Otter is an automated voice notes app that writes out your voice memos or conversations. It could be beneficial for those who perform interviews or who want to take very specific meeting notes.


Temi uses advanced speech recognition software to turn your audio files into written notes. They can turn around projects in just five minutes, so it’s perfect if you need notes right away, but may not be as accurate as the transcripts that you get from actual humans.


An easy and secure solution, TranscribeMe allows you to upload audio files right from your computer, phone, cloud storage account or a web link. They also work with trained transcriptionists to ensure quality and accuracy.

Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda offers transcriptions for both audio and video files. They offer a few different options to fit your budget and accuracy needs. And they even have a bulk option for those with more than 10,000 minutes of audio that need to be transcribed.


Sonix uses software to turn audio or video files into written transcripts. They boast fast turnaround times and a very simple upload process. You can also edit transcripts that have errors in them to improve overall accuracy.


If you want to play more of a role in the transcription process, you could simply hire a freelancer on Fiverr so you know exactly who will be responsible for doing the work and have the ability to speak with them directly.

Where to Find Medical Transcription Services Online


Acusis offers medical transcribing that includes industry leading quality and TAT benchmarks to ensure accuracy. They’re designed to help medical facilities reduce costs and lessen turnaround times effectively.


MedScribe offers transcription services that are aimed at improving the experience surrounding electronic health records. The outsourced service boasts a minimal error rate and fast turnaround times, along with an online platform where you can access all transcriptions.


Athreon is a general speech-to-text transcription company. But they also offer a solution that’s HIPAA compliant specifically for medical businesses.

World Wide Dictation

World Wide Dictation is another company that offers a variety of transcription services, including medical transcription. The company offers a number of dictation options, so you can provide them with whatever sort of file or format best fits within your processes.

EHR Transcriptions

EHR Transcriptions is made specifically for doctors, so it’s easy to get started and doesn’t require a ton of complicated technology or jargon.

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