How to Promote Your Business Through a Slew of Weird January Holidays

Promote Your Business During These Weird Holidays in January

With Christmas over and a new year just begun, January is a time for knuckling down and enjoying a quieter month that’s void of holidays, right? Wrong! The first month of the year is brimming with weird and wacky holidays, which, when played correctly, can offer some unmissable promotional opportunities for small businesses.

Weird Holidays in January

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following impending national days that may give you the chance to promote your business during these weird holidays in January.

National Hangover Day

As many New Year’s Eve partygoers start the new year curled under the duvet, January 1 – aptly distinguished as National Hangover Day – offers promotional opportunities for certain businesses.

For example, if you run a fast food restaurant, you could promote National Hangover by encouraging those who have partied too hard to a tasty slap up meal to act as the perfect hangover cure.

Festival of Sleep Day

January 3 is hailed as Festival of Sleep Day, created to encourage people to get some much-needed sleep after the festivities of Christmas. Sleeping all day might not be conducive with a productive day’s work, but if you’re a manufacturer or retailer of beds, bedding or even sleepwear, you could definitely use this weird January holiday to your advantage.

Bubble Bath Day

Yes, you did read correctly, there is a holiday known as Bubble Bath Day and it takes place on January 8. You might not want to encourage employees to spend all day relaxing in the bath but if your business is involved in the bath or beauty products industry, there certainly could be opportunities to promote your products ahead of Bubble Bath Day.

Small Business Deals

Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Calling all chocolatiers and sweet shops. Now’s the chance to capitalize on a bizarre January holiday by selling bittersweet chocolate, a form of dark chocolate that tends to be sweeter than this typically more bitter-tasting chocolate, on Bittersweet Chocolate Day on January 8.

National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day take place on January 12, as a means of recognizing and honoring the positive impact pharmacists have on the healthcare industry and to increase awareness about the importance of the profession.

If you’re a pharmacist or supplier for the industry, be sure to mark National Pharmacist Day to help give your profession the recognition it deserves.

National Hat Day

National Hat Day falls on January 15 in the United States, celebrating what is one of the oldest of mankind’s fashion accessories. As you can imagine, National Hat Day provides a wealth of opportunities for milliners and fashion accessory retailers to promote their most creative and sought-after hats.

Why not make the most of this weird January holiday by having a National Hat Day deal on hats, such as buy one get one free?

Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions Day

It’s January 17 and those New Year resolutions we’ve been trying so hard to stick to are beginning to wane. In fact, Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions Day, every January 17, is historically a day when large numbers of people abandon their New Year resolutions.

For certain businesses this day of comparative excess, provides the opportunity to encourage customers into their door to treat themselves to a slap-up meal in a fast food restaurant, a couple of drinks in a bar at Happy Hour, and all those other self-indulgent temptations they’ve managed to resist since January 1.

National Cheese Lover’s Day

Stilton, feta, cheddar, edam? Whatever cheese tickles your fancy, you’re entitled to indulge yourself on National Cheese Lover’s Day.

This crazy January holiday is celebrated on the 20 of the month and is marked by, you guessed it, eating copious amounts of cheese! For retailers, restauranteurs, cafes and other businesses associated with the art of making and serving cheese, make the most of National Cheese Day by promoting it at your premises as a means of pulling in those cheese loving punters.

National Pie Day

National Pie Day was founded by the American Pie Council in 1986 to commemorate Crisco’s 75th anniversary of “serving foods to families everywhere.”

If you sell pies or serve this favorite food staple in your eatery, encourage customers to order pies by having irresistible National Pie Day promotions at your business this January 23rd.

Fun At Work Day

This is a weird January holiday that no small business can afford to ignore. Help boost staff morale in your workplace and give employees the fun and recognition they deserve by celebrating Fun At Work Day on January 28.

Marking this annual holiday by creating a more fun, informal and relaxed day at work, can be a great way to maintain an enjoyable working environment at your business, one your employees will thank you for by being productive and loyal.

Inspire Your Heart By Art Day

Calling all artists, craft makers, jewelers, and any individual or business that’s involved in getting arty and creating things. Put your romantic hat on and start making unusual and interesting items inspired by the heart to sell to couples wanting to treat one another on Inspire Your Heart By Art Day that takes place on January 31.

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