15 Best Apps for a Business Selling Clothes

What is the Best App to Sell Clothes?

It should be no surprise there’s a huge market for reselling clothing.

Consider these latest figures from one of the top fashion resale sites, thredUP: The fashion resale industry totals about $20 billion in sales, alone, and is the biggest resale market in the US. Reselling clothes is growing 24-times faster than retail fashion, too.

You won’t find major retailers reselling clothing, though, and that’s where you and thousands more resellers come in.

Check out this current list and pick the best app to sell clothes. Which one fits your needs best?

Best App to Sell Clothes? Consider These

ASOS Marketplace

Being home to the “Best independent brands and vintage boutiques,” if you’re wanting to sell vintage clothing, the ASOS Marketplace app can be a great place to list and sell your beautiful vintage items. ASOS Marketplace users tend to love clothing that’s retro, vintage and edgy.


With the Mercari app you can list items of women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing in minutes. You can also ship items via printable shipping labels that go directly to the seller and enjoy fast payments.


Poshmark is an app that enables people to sell items of clothing they no longer want. Items are listed by category making it easy for them to be found by shoppers. One standout feature of Poshmark is the app’s ‘Posh Parties’, whereby thousands of Poshmark users – typically women – gather several times a day to make new listings, share listings and shop together.

The RealReal

If you’re in the business of selling high-end, luxury items of clothing then The RealReal could be the right app for you as it specializes in listing pre-owned luxury clothing. All items listed on The RealReal are checked for authenticity by the app’s in-house team of luxury clothing specialists.


You can sell or swap your used clothes on the Vinted app. Simply add a description and a photo of the item alongside the price. Once the item sells and the buyer receives it, the funds are transferred directly into your bank account or via PayPal.


With the eBay app you can sell clothing faster and more efficiently than ever. Simply create an eBay account, download the app, take photos of the clothes you want to sell, add descriptions and wait for buyers to start bidding. With eBay you have the option of selling items for a ‘Buy It Now’ price or putting them in an auction.


If you sell men’s fashion and streetwear, you may want to use the Grailed app, the latest men’s fashion marketplace. Simply create a Grail account, take a photo of the item you want to sell, add a description and wait for offers to come flooding in. Each transaction made on the Grail app is conducted through PayPal.


ThredUp is a fantastic app for those looking to buy and sell clothes, with more than 30,000 fashion brands using the app to sell women’s, children’s and teen’s clothing. On TredUp you can request a “Clean Out Kit”, where you fill a bag with unwanted clothing, send it the ThredUp which categorizes and lists your items. When your items sell you earn a percentage of the sale price.


Sell old items of clothing and accessories from anywhere you want to with the Depop app. Depop refers to itself as a community of sellers and buyers and is the ideal place to sell vintage clothing.


If you are wanting to sell items of clothing locally, you can do so with ease and efficiency with the OfferUp app. People looking for specific clothes in your area use OfferUp to find products, meaning costly shipping fees are eliminated.


Hailed as the “World’s most imaginative marketplace,” if you make and sell beautiful and individual handmade and vintage clothing, the Etsy app could be the best app to help sell your products.


You can sell used clothes and fashion accessories with the simple-to-use and intuitively-designed letgo app. With over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo claims to the “biggest and fastest growing app for buying and selling locally.”


Like eBay, Bonanza is an auction-based ecommerce site that allows you to sell items of clothing on your own “webstore.” You only pay when items sell and with the Bonanza app you can manage your “webstore”, transactions and “b-mails” with greater efficiency and whilst on the go.


If you’re in the market of selling designer labels, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories or jewelry, then you may want to use the Rebelle app. Rebelle makes selling used items of clothing and accessories a luxury by offering a 48-hour guaranteed delivery service and chic mint green packaging – what more could you ask for!

Vestiaire Collective

The Vestiaire Collective app allows you to sell vintage clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing and designer labels when you are on the go. Vestiaire Collective proudly asserts to be the “World’s largest collection of pre-owned luxury fashion,” so if you’re not yet using this app, start using it!

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