New Catchpoint SaaS Performance Tool Addresses Small Business Tech Challenges

New Catchpoint Monitoring Features

Catchpoint recently announced new SaaS Monitoring products specifically geared to Office 365 and Salesforce. The new products are designed to smooth over the issues for small business SaaS application users during outages and slowdowns.

Small Business Trends got in touch with Vandan Desai, Senior Product Manager at Catchpoint, to learn more. Desai started by explaining the importance of these SaaS applications to small businesses.

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SaaS Taking Over Small Businesses

SaaS applications are taking over within many small and large businesses today. It seems there is a SaaS application for every department in an organization. These applications are business critical and it is important to monitor their performance (speed and availability).”

One of the sticking points for small businesses using these applications is the fact you need to maintain lengthy scripts. When these change, there’s a lot of work involved because they need to be updated.

New Catchpoint Adds Monitoring Features

These new products from Catchpoint maintain these scripts and provide small businesses with a user account so they can continually monitor these important SaaS applications for performance.  It’s a good idea for the smaller businesses that don’t have their own IT departments or the funds to outsource professionals to look after this.

“Most SaaS applications like Office 365 and GSuite provide service level agreements(SLAs).  If you do not have a way to measure these SLAs, you are not taking advantage of the SaaS provider’s SLAs and you may not be getting the service you’re paying for. In a nutshell, you have no way to hold these organizations accountable for poor performance and disrupting your workforce’s productivity.”

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New Product Offers Proactive Solution

The idea here is to be proactive. This product can jump on and identify any issues quickly before workers and productivity is affected. It does this by using a network of portable nodes that get placed where the employees are located. It’s perfect for small businesses with sales teams on the go who want to make sure that these applications are working properly.

Catchpoint Addresses Addresses Other Problems

There are also a number of different problems that can arise outside the SaaS provider’s control including cloud outages and other issues with ISPs and the like. Catchpoint SaaS Synthetic Monitoring also focuses on these issues so any problems can be resolved more quickly.

“Our solutions deliver ease-of-use; require less time for set up and support workers being more productive. And, they provide quick answers regarding root cause when a SaaS application is not performing well,” Desai writes.

More Tweaks are on the Way

The company plans to add on support for single sign-on (SSO)-based SaaS applications and the ability to add a company’s own steps to extend the tests in the future. Catchpoint also has plans to support businesses that create their own custom scripts so they can maintain them from one location.

Catchpoint provides both visibility and real-time intelligence to help fix application issues quickly. They partner with Google, L’Oréal, Verizon, Oracle, LinkedIn, Honeywell, Priceline, and Qualtrics. Get in touch with them at

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