Consider These Resolutions and Expert Tips for 2019

Consider These Resolutions and Expert Tips for 2019

It’s important to always have goals for your business. And the new year is a perfect time to set some resolutions or achievements you’d like to make going forward. Whether you’re looking to start over or grow an existing business, here are some goals you might consider for 2019, along with tips from members of the online small business community.

Plan a New Business from Scratch

Maybe your resolution for the new year is to jump into the business world for the very first time. Or it could be to switch industries or start another new venture. If so, check out this post and video from Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers.

Grow Your Business When Stuck in a Seasonal Rut

Plenty of businesses get stuck in sales slumps after the holidays. But there are things you can do to jumpstart your sales or take advantage of those slow seasons so you can continue moving your business forward. Learn more in this CorpNet post by Nellie Akalp.

Repurpose Old Blog Content

If you really want to be more efficient in 2019, your content strategy may be a good place to start. Instead of constantly creating new content from scratch, you may be able to repurpose or reuse some old posts from other platforms. Gary Shouldis elaborates in this 3Bug Media post and video.

Love Yourself and Achieve More

You can’t hope to achieve all of your business goals if you’re experiencing self-doubt or negative emotions. So it may be worth focusing on your own confidence in the new year, as Diana Schneidman explores in this post on the Work at Home Woman Blog. BizSugar members also commented on the post here.

Take Your Content Marketing Strategy Mobile

If you’re not focusing on mobile consumers in 2019, you could seriously be missing out. Even if you think your online content is optimized for mobile users, you may still be able to make some changes. Check out this Target Marketing post by Sarah Mannone for more information.

Style Your Instagram Grid Layout

Instagram is likely to be a popular focus for lots of entrepreneurs in 2019. Since it’s such a visual platform, it may help to have some planning tools to style the look of your grid. Megan Andrew lists some of the top options in this Social Media Examiner post.

Try Out These Livestreaming Platforms

Livestreaming is another major trend that could impact businesses in the new year. If you’re looking to add it to your marketing and communication strategy, you need to choose the best platforms. Ileane Smith lays out the top options in this post.

Choose a Lean Software Stack

Software can be a major help for businesses. But if you have too many tools to deal with, it can become complicated and overwhelming. To simplify in 2019, read this Process Street post by Oliver Peterson.

Get Organized with Time Blocking

It can also help to work on personal habits in the new year. You can get much more done in your workday by time blocking specific tasks, as Rory Whelan explains in this post on the Biz Penguin blog.

Focus on Excellence

You could also focus on general excellence for yourself and your business. If you don’t think this is something that’s especially important to entrepreneurs, read this post by David Leonhardt on the THGM Blog. Then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post here.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. It is all about wanting to do things a bit better than how you used to do it.

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  3. Great roundup of tips…thank you so much, Annie!

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  4. So much good advice here. It’s hard to get positive results from things when you’re surrounded by negative energy from others, it’s just draining. I spent a lot of time clearing out negativity from my life (business and personal) and learning to take better care of myself, and it really did make the biggest difference.