Master the Art of Boosting Your Traffic with These 4 Tools from Google AdSense

How to Increase Traffic Using Google AdSense

Just like the number of people who walk in your brick and mortar store, the amount of traffic you get on your website will dictate the success of your business.

A new infographic released by Google AdSense lists four valuable tools you can use to get the most out of your website with the goal of increasing the traffic. Although AdSense is known for monetizing your site more effectively, it also has a suite of tools to help you increase traffic and reach more of your potential customer base.

How to Increase Traffic Using Google AdSense

For small businesses with a digital presence, optimizing the monetization and traffic of a website is absolutely essential. Google wants to help your site by sharing important tips on how to boost and optimize your web site with Google AdSense tools.

Google Search

It all starts with the range of Google Search console tools to improve the performance of your digital presence online.

According to Google, you should submit your page to the Google index to see how the search engine views your site. This will diagnose any potential problems so the crawler can gain access for optimizing your ads.

You can then use Search Analytics to see the queries which are bringing more visitors to your site.

Traffic Analysis

According to Google, boosting the traffic of your site requires you to analyze, optimize and gain visibility.

With this analysis, you can determine who your audience is so you can tailor the content and ads on your site accordingly. Once you have figured this out, you need to optimize your website so it works seamlessly on all platforms.

This is followed by implementing solutions which allow you to gain the visibility of your site to rank high in searches.

With Google Analytics, you can track and monitor who is visiting your site and when. Based on this information, you can further optimize and customize the content along with the products and services you offer.

Additional tools include Google Trends to see what everyone is searching for, Market Finder to find new promotional opportunities, Consumer Barometer to determine just how people are using the internet, New Consumer insights for segmenting audiences with data, analytics and insights, and  Success Stories for getting valuable tips and tricks from the community of users.

Channel Customisation

After you understand what your audience is looking for, the next step is to customize your channels. This will further optimize your site in order to reach your users.

Google says you need to review its new traffic acquisition tips and create up to 2,000 channels to optimize the performance of your ad units.

With the custom channels in place, it is time to turn them into targetable ad placements so advertisers can choose to display their ads.

During the optimization process, Google recommends you follow the Google AdSense Program policies and Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile has surpassed desktop traffic. If your digital assets are not optimized for mobile traffic you are greatly limiting the number of users who will visit your site.

Whether you built your site yourself or you had a developer do it, make sure it is optimized for mobile. This will make it much faster to load and format on mobile devices to improve the user experience.

Google also recommends to start building AMP versions of your site, test your site to ensure it is operating efficiently on mobile, compare the speeds of other publishers with your site, and more.

How to Increase Traffic Using Google AdSense

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