25 Profitable Projects for your Welding Business

25 Profitable Welding Projects

Welding is a skill that you need to perfect over time with lots of practice. There’s no reason why you can’t combine it with creativity to make some money with these 25 profitable welding projects.

Profitable Welding Projects

TV Trays

This is a real blast from the past and something that harkens back to frozen TV dinners. That’s why even though the project is called TV tray dinner, you can use it for a side table. One of the best things about this project is it’s easy for beginners because the frame is simple.

These are an easy sell to folks looking for something different.

 Unique Tractor Forks

Big construction companies are always looking toward cutting costs. A good way to do that is by buying custom tractor forks that can be used for other purposes too. It’s a welding job but you need some of the bigger toys like a MIG welder and plasma cutter to get going.

In these volatile economic times, this is profitable because it allows managers to make on site modifications.

A Cool Fire Pit

One half sheet of steel is all it takes to get this project underway. Keep in mind you’ll need to make score marks on the sheet of steel for this project. Preparing the edges at the corners for welding is best done with a grinding disc.

These are great because of the safety factor– all the embers stay inside the edges.

A Metal Trellis

Lots of people are fond of growing vegetables in their gardens so this is a great way to make a little side cash with your welding chops. Keep in mind this one has lots of parts so you’ll need to do lots of clamping before you start welding. Some estimates say clamping takes almost 3 times longer than the actual welding!

Sign Holders

Small businesses are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Welding together some wrought iron to make up one of these holders is profitable. It allows entrepreneurs to make that all-important first impression.

Smaller versions can bring in up to $150. The bigger more ornate types can fetch as much a $600.

Residential Customization

Real estate is still on shaky ground although it’s improving slowly. People are looking to renovate rather than move  and that means things like iron fences and railings as well as handrails are the kind of welded home renovation projects people are looking for today.

Brackets for Architecture

Using 3/8-inch steel is the way to go here. If you custom weld a series of architectural brackets, builders and designers who are looking for something solid will help you to bump up your bottom line by buying them. You can make money by welding these in volume – try about 25 to 50 at a time.

 Older Auto Fixes

Bodywork is expensive for any car owner. Offering to do some welding fixes can save people that high cost of using that service in the garage. If you know some folks with older vehicles, there will come a time when they need something welded back together.

This can be a nice side hustle.

Fireplace Log Grates

These are great for people who can quickly put a grate together and sell it on Craigslist or your own website. Quick search phrases these at about $80 a pop.

Attachment For a Snowplow

These make it easier for small businesses that clean parking lots and such. Research tells us they take less than a week to complete and cost under $500 to make.

Utility Trailer

Getting creative with your welding projects can be profitable at the same time. If you try scouring junkyards for anything that’s old but still on wheels like an old trailer, you can use your welding skills to make it into a utility cart.

Repurposing what was considered to be old junk gives it an added selling attraction.

Mudroom Bench

All you need to get started here is 1-inch square tubing. You’ll need to know a little about metal cutting as well, but the finished product is always unique and a wonderful touch to any entranceway.

Arbor For The Patio

There’s lots of room for custom looks . Creativity is central here and at least one project we looked at repurposed fence railings and the legs from an old trampoline.

A Metal Heart

Simple is always best. Use an old bike chain here—get one from the local thrift store if you don’t have one. All you need to do is weld this into the right shape and you’ve got a nice garden decoration that sells because its unique.

A Wood Stove

All you need to get started is a cast iron door and a steel drum. If you keep your costs lower than $300 and sell these around that price, you’ll be undercutting what a brand new wood stove costs.

Wheelchair Ramp

A 4 ft. x 8 ft. ramp takes from 7:00 am to 4 pm the same day from start to completion. The welded steel frame stands up in all weather conditions.


Keeping curious fingers away from a fireplace or wood stove can cost hundreds of dollars if you buy a screen or guard from a home improvement store. Making these can cost you less than $30 when you use your skills as a welder .

Metal Gates

Ornamental gates are big sellers for folks who spend a lot of time outside. Wrought Iron is the most popular choice for a material.

These are perfect for the yard or the garden.

Car Ramps

There are times when mechanics need to lift up the front or backs of cars. Making specific ramps for each occasion fills a niche and can make you some money when you find the right customers. The selling proposition needs to be the fact that you’ll make a unique set for each garage.


Sport shooters are always looking for falling targets that they can use again and again. Here’s another excellent project you can use your welding chops on.  Everything but the hinges to flip the targets can be welded.


These require a little bit more technical knowhow. But at least there’s still a profit after you invest a few hundred bucks and sell them. You can go as big as you want if you start with something like an old oil tank.

A Menorah

These can be welded together with different pieces of iron. One quick tip—make sure they hold the candles in little dishes so there’s no dripping wax.

Yard Art

Profitable for beginners looking to make a few bucks, these are generally leftovers and scraps fashioned into metal animals like fish.

A Shop Stool

If you’re a beginner looking to make something profitable, why not a shop stool? You may not sell it, but you’ll be getting better as a welder and that will lead to more money down the road.

Pet Gate

This is where fun meets profit. Metal tubing and metal hinges are all you’ll really need. You can sell these at your local flea market.

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  1. This is really interesting. So this means you can also sell your own products rather than just waiting for projects.

  2. My boss told me that he has a huge sign that can be placed outside our office to make people aware of the shop. I like how you mentioned that signs can make an important first impression for customers. Since we don’t have where to hang it, I will tell him to contact a commercial welding company so that they can customize a sign holder.

  3. I like your recommendation to make a mudroom bench using 1 inch tubing. My wife did a lot of welding and she wants to get back into it. If I were a welder that worked with aluminum, I’d consider buying sheets of it for projects to save on cost.

  4. While waiting for our projects we can create and sell things. I like the idea of putting up a sign to make the customer aware of what business we have and we call also add that we sell stuff too. This is a great idea thanks for sharing it with us!