Is Talus Payments a Fit for Your Small Business?

Is Talus Payments a Fit for Your Small Business?

Small business fintech payment solution provider Talus has recently made another acquisition totaling three in the payment technology space over the last 18 months.

The move positions them to be an industry force in that service for small businesses while gaining a foothold in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Non-Profit arenas.

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The company reported the acquisition of Scottsdale-based Prolific Business Solutions in the middle of September. They’ve also committed $250 million to further acquisitions.

Significant Move for Talus Payments

The move is significant to small businesses who are looking for payment processors that are above the curve. Currently Talus offers a variety of services including a POS system and a mobile reader.

They also offer a terminal option and virtual e-commerce services and software as well as backend office analytics.

Payment Solutions Research

Small businesses looking for payment solutions need to focus at least part of their research on mobile payment processing readers like the ones Talus has.

Another important aspect this company has is Android and Apple compatibility which is a standard feature these days. The Bluetooth connectivity is an important advantage too.

Talus CEO, Scott Cruickshank, is the leader behind the recent moves which include future plans for more acquisition led growth.

“We have a clear plan to evolve and grow Talus into a domestic market leader in payment services for the SMB market,” he wrote in a company release.

“Further, we are thrilled to have the Prolific Business Solutions team now a part of the Talus family. In addition to our Dallas headquarters location, we will also be expanding and growing our presence in Scottsdale going forward.”

Confident Claims

This business has reason to make confident claims. They are a portfolio company of Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners (AMCP) who are supplying some serious financial clout.

Small businesses are always looking to get the best in payment processing for professional services, retail, restaurants and a variety of other spaces. Partnering with a company that has the kind of backing means accessibility to great tech and savings that get passed along through innovations in equipment and services.

Fintech Thought Leaders

“We are proud and excited to continue our partnership with Talus. Led by Scott, this group of senior fintech thought leaders at Talus have built an impeccable reputation centered on technology driven payment solutions for merchants across attractive industry verticals”, said Mike Odrich, Senior Managing Director and Co-Founder of A&M Capital in a company release.

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