Spotlight: vidbuild Offers Video Ad Solution for Small Businesses

Spotlight: vidbuild Video Ad Making Software Offers Solution for Small Businesses

Video marketing is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes. But many small companies don’t have the resources to produce professional video content. That’s where vidbuild comes in.

The company offers a platform that simplifies video ad creation. You can add your own content or access stock resources to make your ads look professional. Read more about the tool and the company behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Provides a platform for creating video ad content.

Shelley Grierson, Vidbuild’s head of marketing told Small Business Trends, “Vidbuild is an online video platform, that anybody, anywhere can use to create branded video ads. You can upload and use your own content, or, just use the built in media library supplied by Getty, iStock and Storyblocks. This includes millions of videos, audio tracks, text editor, voiceovers.”

Business Niche

Being easy to use and adapt to new markets.

Grierson says, “At vidbuild, we use vidbuild for our own advertising too, so we understand what functions are useful for businesses – especially those looking to grow or break into new markets. To be able to rely on a tool that you can roll out across your business internationally is very important. It helps brands to achieve consistency across teams, and their marketing messaging.”

Small Business Deals

How the Business Got Started

By noticing a gap in the market.

Grierson explains, “Vidbuild is the brainchild Steven Lloyd-Barlow. Steven is a British based entrepreneur, with over 25 years in the digital media industry. Having spent a lifetime working on films and big-budget productions, as well as maintaining his own small business on the side, Steven saw the gap for small businesses in being able to access great video content, without the need for huge production budgets. vidbuild released it’s beta site in February 2018.”

Biggest Win

Bringing on key team members and gaining recognition.

Grierson says, “Our biggest win so far has been bringing onboard an Asia Ambassador, based in Singapore, named Andrew Chow. We are also very proud to have been invited to keynote at the DigiMarCon conferences next May, in Toronto, New York and Silicon Valley. In our short time since inception, we have also won Best Creative Digital Business, and Best Visual Content Tool.”

Biggest Risk

Getting started.

Grierson adds, “Because vidbuild is a software platform, there is a huge upfront cost involved. The software development is the investment – but it takes time to build and refine. Then it comes down to having faith in that software and marketing the message correctly to ensure the customers follow. This is an ongoing effort – it’s always a customer first approach. If we continue to seek and receive feedback well, we will have the tools to ensure the platform continues to evolve to be what users need.”

Lesson Learned

Give yourself some wiggle room.

Grierson explains, “I think the balance for any small business is between enthusiasm for the product, and being realistic with timelines and what can be achieved in those timelines. Always overestimate how long a piece of work will take, and overestimate the budget it will require.”

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Company Mascot

A little dog.

Grierson says, “We have a tiny mascot called Dory (a miniature chihuahua) who has been known to attend business networking events with the vidbuild team, which is always very well received!”

Favorite Quote

“Through art, music, and video, your message is part of the journey that can be shared with the world.” – Steven!

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Image: vidbuild, Steven Lloyd-Barlow and Shelley Grierson

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  1. This came just in time when video is really needed by small businesses. Advertising on video is now a must.