Wix Launches Products Allowing Small Businesses to Connect More Directly with Customers

Wix Ascend Launched to Help Small Businesses Grow Their Brand

Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX) recently announced the launch of a suite of promising new products for small businesses under the umbrella name, Ascend.

Ascend helps entrepreneurs and small businesses easily and more directly connect with customers on the Wix platform using new tools such as SEO, price quotes, marketing and live chat with customers.

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Wix Ascend Launches Worldwide

According to the cloud based web development company, which boasts over 1.4 million registered users worldwide, users can promote their sites, manage customer interactions across channels, run professional marketing campaigns and capture leads on the platform, helping them convert traffic to sales.

“Millions of smart users already rely on Wix to run their business, and nothing makes us prouder than witnessing them achieving and surpassing their goals,” Avishai Abrahami, CEO and co-founder of Wix.com said in a statement. “With the launch of Ascend, we are expanding our market by offering management tools, marketing and promotion capabilities.”

Wix Ascend Features and Capabilities

Ascend includes a suite of 20 products that bring new offerings, along with some features previously available on the Wix platform.

The new products and features in Ascend aim to enable small business owners to grow their brand, manage customer relationships, promote their business, and drive growth online, the company says.

A new chat-centric interface, for example, allows for real-time interactions with customers, the ability to automatically respond to queries, an array of intuitive SEO tools, and the ability to create unique content to engage customers through social media channels.

Ascend by Wix’s Benefits for Small Businesses

The launch of Ascend by Wix transforms the Israeli development company with headquarters in Tel Aviv from a popular website building platform into a compelling, international marketing platform for businesses.

Abrahami says the return on investment for small businesses already using Ascend by Wix is significant, touting Ascend as the next iteration in a long line of the company’s data-driven products designed with users and their success in mind.

The development company lists some of the successes businesses on Wix.com are enjoying:

  • Wix customers using Chat have 235% more site appointments, and 278% more repeat visitors.
  • Wix customers who provide a Members Area, where their site visitors maintain profiles and purchase history, have 154% more repeat visitors.
  • Wix customers who use Automations, a product that allows business owners to set up triggers to automate and manage interactions with customers, have 151% more site traffic.
  • Wix customers using Email Marketing have 783% more site traffic.
  • Wix customers who use Forms have 114% more submissions.

“The data shows that our products are delivering real results to our customers and their success is what drives us,” Abrahami said. “We have packaged these products within Ascend to be comprehensive, automated and seamlessly engineered directly from the Wix platform.”

Ascend will be billed as an additional subscription for Wix customers, the company said, with tiered pricing to fit the growth of small businesses.

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  1. Wix is one of the best and popular Website builder and has lots of design options. These features will definitely help small businesses.

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