10 Suggestions for Changing Things Up and Breaking Out of a Small Business Rut

10 Suggestions for Changing Things Up and Breaking Out of a Small Business Rut

Some business owners feel like they’ve tried everything to grow. But with so many different strategies available, there’s sure to be something you’ve overlooked. Perhaps you have yet to try podcasting or hiring a freelancer. You never know when one seemingly insignificant change can completely transform your business. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community for growing a business. There may even be some you’ve never considered before.

Reap the Benefits of Podcasting

Plenty of businesses take advantage of things like blogging and social media. But not as many have jumped into the world of podcasting. Read all about the unique benefits of this medium and how to make them work for your business in this Podcast Kings post by David Makuyu.

Sell Your Business

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Drive Traffic to Your Website

Manage Your Inbox in Record Time

Lots of business owners consider managing their inbox to be an arduous task. But it doesn’t have to be. With some simple processes, you can get all of your emails sorted and respond to the relevant ones quickly. Here are some tips for doing just that from Ben Mulholland of Process Street.

Consider Hiring a Freelancer

If you’re looking to grow your team but aren’t sure you have the resources or need to bring someone on full time, you might instead opt for a freelancer. In this Smallbiztechnology.com post, Katherine Mines explains how you can go about hiring a freelancer and how your business might benefit.

Focus on Making Your Clients a Success

As a business owner, you shouldn’t only be concerned with your own success — especially if you work with B2B clients. For business coaches and similar types of entrepreneurs, focusing on the success of your clients is paramount. Nellie Akalp of CorpNet offers some tips for business coaches and others looking to help clients succeed in this post.

Create an eBook to Build Your Business

Creating an ebook can be a great way to build a business, increase your income or position yourself as an industry leader. But some of the logistical elements, like cover design, tend to hold people back. In this How To Now post, Stan Profy details how you can easily design an ebook cover online for free. And the BizSugar community offered their thoughts here.

Help Your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed

No marketing strategy can succeed without a strong foundation. Especially when it comes to something complicated like SEO, it’s important to have the right building blocks in place so you can effectively manage changes and bring about real results. Learn more in this Marketing Land post by Danielle Savin.

Create Content That Ranks

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective tactic for improving your site’s SEO. But you don’t want to waste your time creating content that no one is able to find. Instead, use the tips in this Search Engine Journal post by Roger Montii to create valuable content that actually ranks.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

If your business isn’t getting all the growth and positive feedback you envisioned, sometimes it helps to look at things from the customer’s point of view. What type of value are they getting? Are there any factors that make doing business with you especially difficult? This TopRank Marketing post by Joshua Nite includes tips on improving the overall experience for your customers.

Recruit Top Talent to Your Team

Your team can have a massive impact on your company’s success and growth. So you need to be able to find top talent in your industry and actually be able to recruit them. Ivan Widjaya discusses some tips for doing so in this Noobpreneur post.

Drive More Traffic and Engagement to Your Blog

It’s not enough simply to have a blog and hope readers eventually show up. You need strategies for driving traffic so those readers will learn how great your content is. Lisa Sicard offers some places where you can share content in this Inspire to Thrive post. And members of the BizSugar community commented on the post here.

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