In the Spotlight: Ace Cleaning Systems Sweeps Away the Competition in South Florida

Spotlight: Commercial Cleaning Service Ace Cleaning Systems Keeps South Florida Offices Clean

Your office can make a major impression on your customers, clients, partners, and employees. If yours isn’t in pristine condition, you may benefit from a professional janitorial service. Ace Cleaning Systems is one such company. The South Florida business was started by a father-son team who bring different qualities to the brand. Read more about Ace Cleaning Systems in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides commercial cleaning services.

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More specifically, the company offers janitorial services, office cleaning services, and a variety of other commercial cleaning services.

Business Niche

Personalized service and open communication.

Bob Shor, VP of Marketing for Ace Cleaning Systems told Small Business Trends, “Our owner is on every sales call and knows what each job entails before the account has started.”

Spotlight: Commercial Cleaning Service Ace Cleaning Systems Keeps South Florida Offices Clean

Small Business Deals

How the Business Got Started

As a niche business that later expanded.

Shor says, “[It] Started as a window and pressure cleaning business with some janitorial service work.”

Biggest Win

Landing a major contract.

Shor explains, “We decided to concentrate on janitorial services after we landed the department of homeland security account.”

Biggest Risk

Servicing a grocery store chain.

Shor adds, “We put on several night crews, huge investment in new vehicles, equipment and supplies. If it didn’t work out would have placed on an extreme burden on cash flow.”

Biggest Challenge

Changing their niche.

Shor says, “We couldn’t get enough business when we were doing window cleaning and pressure cleaning. We scraped every penny together and started advertising on google and changed our website to commercial cleaning services which was a recurring service (as opposed to residential which were usually a one-time type service).”

Spotlight: Commercial Cleaning Service Ace Cleaning Systems Keeps South Florida Offices Clean

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Take more risks.

Shor explains, “[We would] go after larger accounts, because they bring in the most revenue but also place the greatest burden on cash flow.”

Fun Fact

They’re a family business.

The company is actually run by a father-son team. The father, Bob Shor, has experience in business startups. His son, Zachary Shor is the President of the company.

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Images: Ace Cleaning Systems; Second Image: Zachary Shor

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