Apply These 10 Secrets to Improve Your Facebook Messenger Marketing

Top 10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Hacks of All Time

Facebook Messenger is a unicorn marketing channel: businesses are earning a 60-70% average open rate within the first hour. 

Want to get in on these sky high open rates and earn more engagement and leads with every Facebook Messenger campaign?

Then it’s time to start building Facebook Messenger chatbots and learning how to wield them like a pro — and I can help with that.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Hacks

I’ve invested everything into Facebook Messenger marketing (literally, I launched the Facbook chatbot building software MobileMonkey) and I’m happy to share all the best Facebook Messenger marketing hacks I know.

Check them out below!

1. Chat Blasting

This is the holy grail of Facebook Messenger marketing and the growth hack that will rule for the at least the next five years.

It’s just like an email blast, except you send it out via Messenger — and your ROI is massively higher.

Facebook Messenger chat blasts yield 80% open rates and 20% click-through rates on average.

You won’t get blocked by a spam filter, and lost in the shuffle of thousands of emails.

Moreover, every chat blast will come complete with a notification alerting users to your fresh message.

And since subscriber lists on Messenger can’t be bought or sold, so there’s no reason for Facebook to view chatbot marketing as spam.

2. Button Navigation Makes It Easy to Obtain Contact Info

Users don’t want to type out answers, especially on a mobile device.

Typing is for donkeys.

Tapping is for unicorns.

When creating your Facebook Messenger chatbots, set up the conversations to have button navigation.

With buttons, a user can fill out forms and answer questions with that simple tap!

3. Chop Up Your Copy to Make Users Engage

Instead of just copy-and-pasting your email copy into your chatbot, chop them up and insert CTAs in between.

For instance, you could announce you just completed a study, released a white paper, launched a promo code, etc. — then you can then ask them if they want to know more and provide a button for response.

Chances are good they’re going to click that button.

4. Front-load Drip Campaigns in Short Intervals

You can have your chatbot follow up with a strategically timed sequence of messages.

You could, for example, welcome new contacts, announce a webinar leading up to the event, tease a new product release, etc.

You can use software like MobileMonkey to message users at exactly the right time and schedule the messages to drip to the user over a period of time.

5. User Segmentation

User segmentation is the No. 1 key to high engagement in Facebook Messenger.

With user segmentation, you can get a better understanding of who each contact is and customize their chat experiences accordingly.

If you save user info, you can send people down different chat funnels down the line.

6. Subscription Messaging

Facebook Messenger allows you to send free promotional messages within the first 24 hours of contact with a user.

After that 24 hours, you can send promotional messages as sponsored ads, or send one additional promotional message to that user under standard messaging rules.

Subscription messaging is a third messaging type entirely.

Your Messenger contacts can sign up for your subscription messages, opting in to receiving updates from you in Messenger.

There’s no cost to send subscription messages. The catch?

Messages sent via subscription messaging must not be promotional.

Use subscription messaging privileges with care.

Providing high value is always the key to Messenger marketing.

Ask questions or send chat blasts that pique your contacts’ curiosity and interest enough to engage.

When your contacts engage with you, you can then send them promotional content again, if you’d like, within the next 24 hours.

7. Sponsored Messages

These are like sponsored posts on the news feed, but they show up on Facebook Messenger (complete with a push notifications!)

You can load your list and segment it based on desired criteria, then send users in that segment a promotional chat blast.

Sponsored messages are two to three cents per message, making this method great for very targeted promotion.

8. Grow Your Contact List with Comment Guard

With chatbot management software like MobileMonkey, you can set up a comment guard.

A comment guard is basically an auto-responder, and it’s one of my favorite Facebook marketing hacks.

The strategy goes like this: you post something on Facebook, with the goal in mind of getting comments.

It doesn’t matter what it is — it could be business-oriented, or not.

Just make sure you’ll comments on whatever it is.

For example, you could post a riddle — and then say “Leave your guess in a comment below and we’ll tell you the answer.”

Then the chatbot will contact them via Facebook Messenger with a conversation you already set up.

In the script, you’ll prompt people to reply to the bot with something along the lines of “Ready for the answer? Type yes and we’ll send it you.”

Then, anyone who replies will be added to your contact list.

9. Send-to-Messenger Button

Using landing pages?

There’s a new way to make them better.

Instead of having sign-up forms that take a while to fill up, use the Send-to-Messenger button.

By clicking just one button, you can have users send their details straight to Messenger.

Instead of getting email subscribers, you get Facebook Messenger subscribers.

10. Facebook Messenger Ads

The cost of Facebook ads used to be the best thing in the world, but not anymore.

CPA’s are on a steady rise, and they’re so expensive now.

But there’s still one type of ad worth looking at: the Send-to-Messenger ad.

As the name suggests, this type of ad sends the user straight to Facebook Messenger.

Once they click on it, you capture their contact information and you gain messaging permission for that person.

That means you go from 2% conversion rate with an old Facebook ad to effectively 100% with this.


No matter the conversion, you’ve obtained their contact info — and that’s a big win in and of itself!

There you have it — my top 10 Facebook Messenger marketing tips of all time. Use them to grow your own business into a unicorn!

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  1. Facebook messenger marketing is now becoming more popular. It is very effective too. Even better than email.