Use Marketing with Love to Make Someone Passionate about your Small Business

Love Based Marketing

Writing marketing copy associated with your business is so critical. This could be the latest words on your website, a social media meme, a blog post or a letter thanking a customer. Copy is all part of the brand story you are consistently telling your customer. It gives you the marketing leverage you need beyond the prospects you can personally reach. But with so much of the copy based on fear, why not try love marketing?

On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Michele Pariza Wacek shows how “love based” marketing can be more effective long term. She professionally writes promotional materials for businesses and her work has sold over $50M worth of products over the past 8 years.

Love Based Marketing

Michele believes that if you want to get people to take action, you need to tap into their emotions through fear, grief, anger or love. Some of the most popular fear-based marketing is similar to the following copy to sell life insurance: “You need to have insurance because if you die, what will your family do for money to survive?” While fear-based marketing can be the shortest path for a prospect to take action and get a sale, does it boost the life time value of a loyal customer?

Michele gives an example of “love based” marketing which is about educating people and then letting them make their choice. She rephrases the fear-based copy with to be “having insurance is part of smart way to protect your family and be financially secure”. She believes this type of copy better promotes your brand over the long term. It also attracts the ideal clients who will be more loyal and invested in your company.

So what do you use for your marketing? Fear or Love?

Listen to the entire interview here on The Small Business Radio Show.

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  1. Having recorded thousands of ads as a voiceover. I hate to say it but I do think fear is a successful motivator. Perhaps the best case scenario to aim for is to use fear initially, then offer an ongoing good quality product and service in order to turn the relationship to brand love.

  2. It is about putting yourself in the shoes of your audience. It is a focus on helping and less on selling.