25 Hobbies You Can Transform into a Small Business

hobbies that make money

We all have little hobbies and interests that we like to spend quality time with, but many people don’t realize how much money there is to be made from these passions of ours. With a little research and investment, it really is possible to turn these 25 hobbies into lucrative businesses.

Hobbies that Make Money

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

If you love animals, then you can make money while enjoying their company by becoming the local pet sitter or dog walker.


This could be a real earner as people love to buy handmade boxes, tables, bookshelves and all sorts of decorative wooden items. 


If you enjoy wood-burning as a hobby, then you should advertise your services as it is a popular decorative feature that most people don’t know how to do themselves. 

Arts and Crafts

Similar to woodworking but involving literally anything and everything else you can think of! If you enjoyed making it, then chances are people will enjoy owning it. You can even open your own web-stores on sites such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon. 


For everyone who loves a bit of DIY, there are probably thousands if not more who don’t like it at all. Advertise yourself as a local handyman and make some money while practicing and honing your skills! 

Small Business Deals

Yard Sale Shopping

If you enjoy rummaging through the goods at a yard sale then try applying a more professional eye and seek out items you can buy and then ‘flip’ for a better price at another sale. 

Writing and Editing

There are so many possibilities to make money from writing such as editing and proofreading, as well as selling your own writings on self-publishing platforms such as Amazon and Good Reads. 


Take your love of cooking on a grand scale to its financially rewarding end by providing a catering service for special events such as weddings and business conferences. 


Baking offers the unique possibility of selling your creations to local cafes and bakeries.


The enjoyment of photography often comes from capturing a perfect moment, and those perfect moments can be valuable to the likes of media outlets, stock photo websites and businesses. 

Playing Video Games

25 Hobbies That Make Money - If You Wanted To

Video gaming has evolved more in the last few years then it did in the previous couple of decades. There‘s real money to be made now by streaming your expert efforts on sites like Twitch and YouTube. 

Playing Poker

Another game where there is money to be made is good ole poker. Professional players usually have a system which involves figuring out the ‘pot odds’ which determines whether they play or fold each hand, and this system means they usually win more than they lose. 

Reviewing and Reacting

An interesting recent development is the popularity (and thus money-making possibility) of online video reviews and reactions. There’s a bit of pot luck about this, but review something of a genre you’re already interested in and knowledgeable of and your own personal angle just might take off. 


You love to paint but are running out of places to hang your art? Then start selling it! 


If you have a passion for creating ideal home comforts, then make your skills available to others by starting an interior design and decorating business. 

Making Clothes

Not everybody wants to buy famous labels and known brands. There are many folks who prefer to buy from independent clothes makers, which you could be if you advertise your creations for sale. 


If you have developed some fishing skill over the years, then start building relationships with your local fishmongers and food markets. Restaurants also like to boast their ingredients are locally sourced, so source their fish for them! 

Sports Coaching

If that dodgy knee won’t let you run around quite as much as you used to, then apply your knowledge of the game to coaching instead. 

Sports Officiating

Local sports are often crying out for officials to ensure they can organize the games properly, so this is an avenue worth exploring for anyone interested in facilitating sports. 

Travel Blogging

Traveling is one of the best things someone can do with their life, and it gets even better when you get paid for it! Travel blogging can be quite lucrative these days so start exploring those possibilities as you plan your next trip. 


Have you spent years perfecting a particular dance? Then earn some fun money by teaching others to dance it too. 

Playing Music

If you can play an instrument, then you can teach someone else to play the instrument. Ensure your skills are up to standard and you have whatever qualifications you need, then start earning some good money. 


This isn’t recommended for anyone who has only taken a few yoga classes, but if you have reached the point where you no longer need instruction for your yoga routines, then perhaps it’s time to start a business teaching your knowledge to others. 


If you enjoy driving, then earn money by becoming a professional driver with Uber or Lyft. 

Growing Fruit and Vegetables

Lots of people love to buy locally grown produce, so with enough yard space you can turn your love of gardening into a business!

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