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10 Best Food Delivery Apps for your Small Restaurant or Franchise

The Best Food Delivery Apps to Boost Your Income

Food delivery apps have become a strong business model. These apps allow customers to order food online. New  apps enable consumers to order take-away food with more speed and efficiency than ever before. For restauranteurs and fast food chains, using food delivery apps brings a myriad of benefits. These include having the ability to handle more orders. The apps also improve ordering accuracy. And they integrate loyalty programs to ensure customers keep returning.

In short, using food delivery apps can help your restaurant, fast food chain or catering business boost sales.

But so many apps exist today. So which ones should restauranteurs use to help maximize ordering efficiency and achieve greater profits?

Best Food Delivery Apps

Take a look at the following 10 best food delivery apps. See how they can boost your income.

Amazon Prime Now Restaurant Delivery

Amazon Prime offers an online delivery service for restaurants and customers wanting takeout meals delivered to their door. Customers order a meal from you through the Prime Now Restaurant Delivery app. Then an Amazon delivery assistant will pick up the meal in an insulated bag and deliver it to your customer within a maximum time limit of one hour.


Simply sign your business up with Seamless, set up your menu and start receiving orders through this popular food delivery app. By streamlining your takeout business with Seamless’s simple restaurant platform, you’ll tap into diners near you and can expect to see order volumes increase by more than 20%.


Set your menu up on the DoorDash app and the food delivery service will send you orders by computer, tablet or fax. The app takes care of your customers and logistics before, during and after delivery, meaning you can get on with doing what you do best, making delicious food.


Eat24 works in partnership with Yelp and is one of the biggest online food ordering services in the United States. Customers simply find your menu on the Eat24 app, place an order through the app or website and then Eat24 send you the order and you deliver it in your normal way.

Beyond Menu

Beyond Menu is a nationwide food delivery service that will put your restaurant in front of tons of hungry customers. Customers can leave reviews on the Beyond Menu app, which can prove to be effective in helping you gain more customers eager to try out your mouth-watering dishes. Unlike other food delivery apps, Beyond Menu allows customers to make reservations for a sit-down meal, which can give your in-house sales a boost too.


According to GrubHub, you can boost your takeout revenue by up to 30% by using their order and delivery app. The app works by diners making an order for food from your restaurant. GrubHub then sends you the order via their restaurant platform, and a GrubHub driver or your own driver then delivers the order, whichever works best for you.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a leading food delivery app and is well-known and respected amongst consumers looking for a fast and reliable food delivery service to their door. Simply sign your restaurant up to Uber Eats and when you start receiving orders from customers, an Uber Eats’ driver will arrive at your restaurant, pick up the meal and deliver it quickly and efficiently.

Skip the Dishes

When you use the Skip the Dishes as your food delivery service app, a food courier will come and collect the order and deliver it to the customer’s address. According to Skip the Dishes, when using their services, restaurants typically see a 10 – 25% rise in revenue.


Partner with the Postmates app and have your restaurant delivery and logistic requirements solved. Postmates claims to the nation’s largest on-demand delivery network, bringing restaurants and takeout chains more customers in a matter of minutes. Postmates’ handles every detail of your food delivery requirements, including vetting drivers and ensuring your food is delivered in a fresh and timely manner.


Get your restaurant and its culinary creations in front of a hungry online audience on the Delivery.com app. You’ll then receive orders from Delivery.com, which can deliver meals straight to your satisfied customers.

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  1. This is crazy to me. In so many ways. Do people cook anymore?

  2. This is basically listing same platform apps that offer same services to the restaurants.. should have diversify the selections, you forgot platforms like, MealPal, Ritual, and HalfPosh..

    You should look them up and see how they all offer different services to help boost the restaurant operations. Maybe on your next article it will have more value in it.


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    I didn’t know that you can get a franchise of these apps. Interesting.

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