How Does Your Brand Get Heard in a Crowded Market?

How Does Your Brand Get Heard in a Crowded Market? Brand Clarity

There is undeniably a lot of “noise” in the marketplace. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages from almost an infinite number of choices that all say “you need to notice me over here”. This makes it so difficult for your company to be heard and remembered. It gets even worse when small businesses try to deal with all the distractions to keep that customer’s attention.

On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Steve Woodruff, the self-proclaimed “King of Clarity” gives small business owners solutions that get them heard. He describes how to become relevant to consumers and grab your prospect’s attention.

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Steve believes that business communication has two real moments of truth. The first one happens in the initial five seconds when your message must get through the brain’s filtering system and show people what is in it for them. To accomplish this, you need a tightly condensed message that is compelling and memorable.

According to Steve, the second moment of truth is when you are remembered by the prospect when they have a problem you solve or can refer you to another prospect. He gives his company’s message as an example; “I am the king of clarity and I help professionals in the two moments of truth.“  It is critical to form a picture in your prospect’s mind for easy recall.

Remember, it’s not an elevator pitch. Steve dislikes this term since it sounds like you are selling something. He prefers to use the term “memory dart”. In this way, your compact message is provoking interest and assembling a word picture in your prospects’ heads so they can remember your company. This effectively happens by using snippets, stories and symbols.

Some small business owners may complain that this pigeon holes them into being one dimensional, but Steve believes this is to your advantage since it makes you more memorable and referable.

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Listen to the entire episode here.


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  1. Your brand gets heard if you have a solid brand that is unlike any other. Be yourself and don’t imitate.